Jennie Garth Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

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Got divorced for two times seems to let Jennie Garth down. To cheer up and support her career, she openly admitted that she had got some plastic surgery procedures. The 42 years old actress has admitted that she needed some treatments to avoid the aging sign appear and to keep her always look young. If she has been under knife, what kind of surgery procedures did she have?

Jennie Garth Plastic Surgery Before and After

Jennie Garth Plastic Surgery Before and After

Even though she has not clearly mentioned what typical surgery procedures that she had got, but judging by Jennie Garth before and after photos, the actress likely has got some improvements on her face skin, eyes, nose, and cheek.

Let’s see on Jennie’s face skin, it looks smooth and tight. It is rarely owned by other 42-year-old-women. Looking at her current face skin makes some people guess that the actress might get browlift surgery combined with regular Botox injection on her face. So that her face still looks tight, smooth, and ageless.

Jennie Garth Before and After Photos

Jennie Garth Before and After Photos

On the other hand, if we look at her eyes. Both of her eyes still look fresh and wide opened. She does not have any excessive skin under and upper her eyes. For those who look her current eyes appearance will directly wonder if Jennie Garth could have got blepharoplasty. As we know that one of the function of the procedure is to eliminate the sagging skin under her eyes and gives her a bright look with wide eyes.

Jennie Garth’s nose also seems to look different than she used to. She previously had a bit wide and round nose, but it looks more defined now. It could be the effect of growing up, but who knows if the 90210 cast has taken a rhinoplasthy surgery to reshape her nose. The chubby cheek she has also indicates that she does not only have some works done one her face skin, eyes, and nose, but she likely got other plastic surgery procedures on her cheek namely cheek implant.

In short, it is her choice and right to decide having some plastic surgery procedures. As long as she can still be herself and satisfied with her synthetic look, there will not be any problem then.

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