Jessica Alba Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Jessica Alba Plastic Surgery is lately being the hottest topic of discussion among her fans and many celebrity plastic surgery viewers. They debate if Jessica’s appearance is natural or as the result of plastic surgery.

There are many people admit if she is one of the most beautiful women in the world. But who think her beautiful appearance was obtained through cosmetic surgery procedures. For those who believe if the actress got plastic surgery consider that her appearance is not natural. There are a lot spotlighted of her body that indicate of plastic surgery sign.

Jessica Alba Nose Job Before and After

Jessica Alba Nose Job Before and After

Did Jessica Alba Have Plastic Surgery?

Judging by before and after pictures, Jessica does have a lot of changes on her appearance, especially on her nose, lips, and many others. Looking at the changes on her appearance, some people argue if the actress has been under knife to improve her appearance. Well, If Alba has really been under knife, what surgical procedures did she have?

Jessica Alba Nose Job

The first plastic surgery procedure that she might get is nose job. It can be proven through her new nose shape which looks much well defined than she used to. Such nose shape change seems to be unnatural because it changed so drastically and in very short time. Therefore they predict if Jessica Alba Nose Job rumor is in fact true.

If we compare between her old photos with the new ones, her nose has changed to be slimmer and more pointed at the tip. Whereas her nose shape previously looked a little bit wide, big, and bulbous, but it now has changed to better defined. As result, her nose looks so sharp with small and more pointed at the tip. The nasal cartilage also looks cramped so it can give her perfect nose shape because it really looks fit to her face features.

Jessica Alba Plastic Surgery Before and After

Jessica Alba Plastic Surgery Before and After

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Jessica Alba Plastic Surgery: Lip Filler Injection

Besides rhinoplasty surgery, she also seems to have lips augmentation. Let’s take a look at her current lips. It now looks more pouted and fuller. Such lips appearance makes her smile looks sexier. The injectable filler which might be injected on her lips is collagen or restylane.

Though the actress herself never admitted all those plastic surgery allegations, but based on the comparison of before and after photos, it is very clear if the actress has indeed got plastic surgery. Even so she is not the only actress who hide her surgery procedures. There are many actresses in Hollywood often hide their plastic surgery though public has noticed plastic surgery facts on their appearance. Let’s see how Sara Jean Underwood and Marilu Henner hide their cosmetic surgery procedures.

Over all, Jessica Alba Plastic Surgery truth may be still debated by her fans and many celebrity plastic surgery viewers. Nevertheless we really admit and praise for her successful plastic surgery that has given lead actress of Dark Angel a perfect and sexy appearance.

  • kayk

    Before (14 years old) After (34 years old)……
    It is not plastic surgery result, it almost looks like aging process.

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