Jlo Plastic Surgery Before After Pictures

The rumor of Jennifer Lopez plastic surgery has been spreading for long time. But, it still becomes nice topic of discussion for celebrity watchers because she always denies all plastic surgery allegation though the before and after pictures have shown a lot of difference.

Even some celebrity magazines report that there are many fans of her fans got angry when a plastic surgeon in London tried to do analysis about Jennifer Lopez plastic surgery.

Did Jlo Really Have Plastic Surgery?

Jennifer Lopez Plastic Surgery Before After Pictures

Jlo Plastic Surgery Before After Pictures

Judging by before and after pictures supported with some reports from reputable online magazines, she indeed looks like having some surgical procedures done. But, to identify what kind of Jlo plastic surgery procedures is not easy job.

Let’s start from the most visible plastic surgery sign first. Many people claim that the most noticeable cosmetic surgery sign in her appearance is located on her nose. Jenifer lopez nose now looks slimmer and much better defined than before. It could have been as the result of nose job or a rhinoplasty surgery.

Jennifer Lopez Plastic Surgery

Jlo Plastic Surgery Before and After

The other part of her body that triggers plastic surgery allegation is dealing with the change of Jlo breast size. It has to be noted that Jlo boobs previously look a little bit small, but they now look bigger and rounder. For those who see this transformation must speculate if the diva got boob job or breast implants.

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In addition, the other sign of Jlo plastic surgery can be seen from her facial skin which still looks tight and smooth, as if it is hard to see the wrinkles or crows feet lines and excessive skins around her face. There are only two possibilities for her to maintain the ageless look. First, she may have been blessed with good genes, second, she could have been under knife for Botox injection.

Jennifer Lopez Boob Job

Jlo Plastic Surgery Boob Job

Many plastic surgery experts also believe that Jlo could get lips filler injection like Restalyne. The sign of this beauty surgery can be seen from the shape of her lips now. Let’s take a look at the before picture! Her lips look slim, but in the after picture her lips have turned into juicy.

Over all, Jlo may deny all allegations of plastic surgery procedures, but the comparison between before and after pictures show different facts. They show that some parts of her body clearly reflect the plastic surgery sign.

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