John Krasinski Nose Job: Fact or Rumor?

Every woman agrees that John Krasinski is literally a perfect man. He is tall and handsome.  This American film and television star recently becomes hot topic of discussion among his fans. Some people notice that there is something changes on his face. They see that his nose seems to change to be much better defined than he used to be.

Since then, there are a lot of speculations due to his transformation. One of them is that he reportedly got plastic surgery procedure to enhance his appearance especially his face features, nose. Did he really get nose job? That’s what we will analyze and share to you the result.

John Krasinski Nose Job Before and After Pictures

It is common that one of the best way to know whether celebrities have been under knife or not is by comparing before and after photos. And, if we look at the pictures comparison, John Krasinski’s nose indeed looks much better defined now. It looks slimmer with more pointed tip.

John Krasinski Nose Job Before and After

John Krasinski Nose Job Before and After

Looking at his nose transformation, some plastic surgeons believe that it is as the result of nose job or rhinoplasty surgery. However, no one knows exactly because the star himself has not stated anything about the speculation.

Nose job or best known as rhinoplasty surgery is not something new for celebrities in America. There are some of them reportedly got this beauty surgery to reshape their nose. Some of them may take the nose job due to medical reason, but not a few of them got it as the way to enhance their nose.

John Krasinski Rhinoplasty Surgery

John Krasinski Rhinoplasty Surgery

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Although John Krasinski has not told whether he has been under knife or not, some plastic surgeons seem to agree if his nose transformation is due to a rhinoplasty surgery. Nevertheless, they notice that John Krasinski nose job well done, so that he can take a lot of advantages from his nose surgery.

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