Julia Louis-Dreyfus Plastic Surgery Before and After

Julia Louis-Dreyfus plastic surgery is believed as the main secret behind her exquisite appearance at her 53-year-old age. Like many celebrities, she also worries about aging effect. It is normal for many actresses to worry being old lady when their age turns 50 years old. As we know that a beautiful appearance becomes one of the most important assets which they have to keep.

One of the most preferred ways by many celebrities to keep the youthful appearance is via plastic surgery. It can be seen by there are so many celebrities decide to go under knife when they see some aging signs on their appearance.

Julia Louis Dreyfus Plastic Surgery Before and After

Julia Louis Dreyfus Plastic Surgery Before and After

Julia Louis-Dreyfus is lately being hot topic of discussion among celebrity watchers since there are rumors saying if she has had some types of plastic surgery done so that she can still look gorgeous though her age is not young anymore. Well, if she really got some cosmetic surgery procedures done, the question is what type of plastic surgery she had?

Julia Louis-Dreyfus Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Judging by the before and after pictures, there are several things that strike her to look a little bit unnatural. And, it seems to be simply the reason if Julia has had plastic surgery. Here are some surgery procedures that she possibly had.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus Nose Job

A rhinoplasty surgery is one of popular cosmetic surgery procedures which are almost done by many celebrities. The aim of this beauty surgery is to reduce and to refine the shape of the nose in order to fix to the face features.

Julia Louis Dreyfus Nose Job before and After

Julia Louis Dreyfus Nose Job before and After

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Looking at the shape of Julia Louis-Dreyfus nose, she potentially got nose job. The sign of her rhinoplasty surgery can be seen through the nostrils which look narrowed while the nasal tip also appears sharper and much better defined than before. The other sign that we can see on her nose is how the nasal bridge looks. It appears a bit artificial via plastic surgery.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus Facial Filler Injection: Botox

It is not secret anymore if 50-year-old actresses reportedly get facial filler injection like Botox to reduce and even to eliminate the aging signs around their face. Based on Julia Louis-Dreyfus before and after photos, she possibly gets Botox injection regularly to keep her face skin smooth and tight.

Generally, 50-year-old ladies will have some wrinkles or other sagging skin on their face as the natural process of aging, but what we see on Julia’s face. It still looks smooth and fresh as if it is hard to see the wrinkles there.

According to Dr. David Shafer, the actress of Seinfeld film obviously had Botox injection. The surgeon did not see any sagging skin and wrinkles on her face. He also added that she potentially got nose surgery between Seinfeld and The New Adventures of Old Christine film.

In addition, Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon, Dr. Paul S. Nassif, told that Julia Louis-Dreyfus did look like get nose job. The doctor showed that her nose looked much smaller and better defined that before.

Julia Louis Dreyfus Breast Implant Before and After

Julia Louis Dreyfus Breast Implant Before and After

If we pay attention detail on Julia’s recent appearance, she also looks like get some enhancements on her breast size. Julia Louis-Dreyfus breast size now looks a bit bigger than she used to. For that reason, we predict that she possibly gets breast implant as well. It is almost impossible for a 54-year-old woman to have such full and tight breast if she does not have any boob job.

Over all, the rumor of Julia Louis-Dreyfus plastic surgery may have not been confirmed by the actress, but judging by before and after pictures, many people believe that she had some plastic surgery procedures done.

What do you think about Julia Louis-Dreyfus appearance? Does she look like having plastic surgery? Feel free to comment and share if you find it is interesting.

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