Julia Roberts Nose Job: Fact or Rumor

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Julia Roberts nose job might be an old news. But, there are still many people are curious with the rumor. They dig some sources to find the truth of the rumor by comparing  before and after photos.

Julia Roberts Nose Job Before and After

Julia Roberts Nose Job Before and After

Judging by before and after pictures,  Julia Roberts nose does look different. It now looks smoother and better than she used to be. Her nasal bridge seems to look narrowed so that it can make the nasal tip now appears a little bit lifted.

What I can look at the transformation of Julia’s nose is that she might get excellent nose job or a rhinoplasty surgery so that her nose now looks much prettier than previous years.

Julia Roberts Rhinoplasty Surgery

Julia Roberts Rhinoplasty Surgery

Many people claim that her appearance now looks much more beautiful. Her new nose really fits to her face frame.

Despite the rumor of Julia Roberts nose job has been longstanding, but the actress herself had never given a statement about the truth of the rumor. She is always silent when anyone asks about her plastic surgery, a rhinoplasty surgery.

Julia Roberts may not give any statement about the rumor of plastic surgery, but most people are convinced that the rumor of Roberts nose job is an indisputable fact anymore. In fact, they claim that she does not only have nose job, but there are many plastic surgery procedures were done by her.

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