Julie Chen Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

The future belongs to those who have dream. Many people will do anything to pursue their dreams. They will try to reduce and eliminate any obstacles that block their way. Even if the obstacle is hidden in their culture, some people will do everything even though it is very risky.

That is what happens to Asian celebrity, Julie Chen. Her appearance started to change to more Hollywood look. Some people who look at her transformation believed that she has got some plastic surgery procedures done.

Julie Chen Plastic Surgery Before and After

Julie Chen Plastic Surgery Before and After

Did Julie Chen Have Plastic Surgery?

When Chen was asked by Asian celebrity magazine volunteers about the possibilities of getting cosmetic surgery procedures, she stated that she is proud to be an Asian woman. But then her appearance looks much different than other Asian women.

Her squinty eyes shape looks wider than before. Looking at her eyes transformation makes some people if this actress has got blepharoplasty to reshape her small eyes shape. Even one source reported that what she decided by going under knife for her transformation has made her disowned by some members of her family because her family believed she is denying her faith for being an Asian.

On the other hand, judging by Julie Chen before and after photos, she does not only have changes on her eyes shape, but the other face feature apparently has changed as well like her nose which looks narrower and more defined than before. It has to be remembered that she previously had a big bulky nose. Looking at her nose shape transformation makes some do believe if Julie Chen has been under knife for nose job.

The 44-year-old woman also has a fresh face, free from any wrinkles and other aging signs. She possibly got facelift combined with filler injection to keep her youthful appearance. With the help of Botox injection, her face features look smooth, tight, and so of course attractive. She does not appear to go overboard with her plastic surgery procedures.

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In short, whatever she has done back then, Julie has achieved her dream and the future is on her hands. We should learn from her to always look forward and never regret any decision we have made in the past. It has already happened and we can not jump back to change it. The only thing to do is accept it and live with it.

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