Justin Jedlica Human Ken Doll Plastic Surgery

Justin Jedlica or Human Ken Doll Plastic Surgery is lately being hot topic discussion among celebrity plastic surgery watchers. It is all because he is apparently too ambitious to makeover his appearance via plastic surgery.

What people alleged seems to be reasonable because he had reportedly spent $170,000 for his plastic surgery procedures. There are many people wonder how many surgery procedures he had, until he had to take out much money from his pocket.

Justin Jedlica Plastic Surgery Before and After

Justin Jedlica Plastic Surgery Before and After

The 32-year-old man, Justin Jedlica, got the new nick name “The Human Ken Doll” in an October 2012. He was called in such way because he had got for about 150 surgery procedures to achieve physical perfection. How does he look now? Is he satisfied with his plastic surgery results? Let’s see…!!

A lot of people really regret Justin Jedlica plastic surgery, even they do not believe why he could be so foolish by taking the extreme way instead of healthy lifestyle if he just wanted to keep his youthful appearance.

Human Ken Doll Plastic Surgery Before and After

Human Ken Doll Plastic Surgery Before and After

Nonetheless Justin Jedlica has different point of view about plastic surgery. He told that his surgery is not only for keeping his youthful appearance, but the main reason why he took so many plastic surgery procedures was because he would like to look like a Japanese anime Manga. He also said that he got a lot of inspiration from Michael Jackson and Joan Rivers. Well, if he really had got 150 plastic surgery procedures done to achieve his desire, a few people wonder what kind of surgical procedures he had.

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What Are Human Ken Doll Plastic Surgery Procedures?

Based on Human Ken Doll interview with current digital magazine, he had got 5 rhinoplasty surgeries. Justin Jedlica nose job was firstly done when he was 18 years old. In a few years later, he got his second nose surgery and followed by next rhinoplasty surgery. Human Ken Doll video told that  nose job had cost him $3500. The other procedures of Human Ken Doll plastic surgery are including implants on his bicep, triceps, pectoral, shoulder, and more.

Human Ken Doll Plastic Surgery Procedures

Human Ken Doll Plastic Surgery Procedures

Since Jedlica told to the public all of his plastic surgery procedures, a lot of people consider that he has mental illness. Nevertheless he apparently does not think public allegation as the serious problem, he even told that he was happy with his appearance after being under knife.

“I’ve definitely been on TV shows where we’ve had ‘professionals’ try to diagnose me as having mental illness,”


“I find it funny because those professionals have never seen me outside of the studio… I mean, I do understand the basic notion of body dysmorphic disorder and OCD. [But] I think I have a very clear picture of what I look like. I’m not unhappy with the way that I look.”

When he was questioned whether he would have plan to get additional surgery procedures, he openly told that he would update his appearance like many fashion designers create new fashion design.

“If I choose to express my creativity through my plastic surgery, it’s no different than someone in fashion who deals with trends,” he explains. “Standards of beauty change, ideals of beauty change. I don’t understand why people think you have to be committed to the human form and that you shouldn’t be able to retain control to change it.”

One thing that we almost forget to tell you, he is a gay, married man. He married with a successful businessman who helps pay for Justin Jedlica plastic Surgery. His husband totally supported him to get some beauty enhancement via plastic surgery as it is quoted below.

“He tells me that my plastic surgery turns him on… he doesn’t have any qualms with it. It was something we talked about even before we got married, because I was like, ‘We’re not going to get married if you’re going to give me shit about my surgeries!’ He was like, ‘Oh, I know that’s part of you, it’s totally fine.’ He’s not opposed to having work done either. It really was a moot point; it wasn’t an issue at all. I think he thinks it’s kind of cool.”

Even though his husband has totally supported Justin Jedlica plastic surgery, but it does not mean other people support him. They even think that what Jedlica did is foolery. They ensure that the result of Human Ken Doll plastic surgery will not be everlasting because it is not naturally shaped, but it is all handmade.

Well, although a lot of people are regretting Justin Jedlica plastic surgery, but one thing that we have to appreciate from his surgery is that he has full control for his surgical procedures, so he can know the proportion for the plastic surgery procedures.

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