Kat Von D Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Katherine Von Drachenberg or known as Kat von D is a young talented American tattoo artist. She became more popular after made her own reality show, LA Ink, which last for four seasons. And the risk of being famous is that many people will notice if there are some changes on their appearance as well as on Kat’s appearance.

Did Kat Von D Have Plastic Surgery?

Kat Von D Nose Job Before and After

Kat Von D Nose Job Before and After

Since many people found something changed on her appearance, she reportedly got some surgical procedures like botox injection, eyebrow surgery, rhinoplasty, lips injection and recently breast implants. Even in her 32-year-old-age, she still could not escape from being accused for having plastic surgery. She started her career when she was still young and her appearance started to change dramatically. Therefore some people believe that Kat Von D cosmetic surgery is in fact true.

Little reviews of her appearance in her early career, she had not much tattoos on her body and had a wide nose. But now her body is covered with tattoos. It seems to be reasonable because she works as a tattoo artist. But what about her her nose shape change? Some people notice that her nose now becomes slimmer hence they believe that she could have got nose job to refine her wide nose shape.

Kat Von D Breast Implants Before and After

Kat Von D Breast Implants Before and After

Judging by before and after photos, people also notice the difference on her lips. She can not smile symetrically and her lips also become much fuller. That makes people wonder if she may get lip augmentation. Meanwhile her eyebrow seems to look tighter and higher and her forehead is free from any frown lines. These are indication of an eyebrow lift combined with Botox injection.

Plastic surgery suspicions do not stop on her face only, but lately many people notice her breasts becomes much bigger than she used to. Some of them believe that it is just the effect of her gaining weight, but a few of them believe that it is the result of breasts implant. On a picture, one of her breast is higher than the other and there is a video on youtube of her doing a breast augmentation consultation with a plastic surgeon.

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In short, since she has been reported to have some works done for some her appearance changes, the artist has not given any official statement except denied all the rumors even though there are a lot of differences on her old and recent appearance. Is it possible if they are just the effect of a skillful makeup instead, along with good lighting and view angle? Or is she just aging naturally? You can decide by yourself by looking at her before and after photos above.

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