Kate Hudson Boob Job Before and After

Many people are shocked by Kate Hudson’s new appearance, especially her new breast size. Kate Hudson boob size now looks a little bit bigger than before. Some people who saw the change of her breast began to speculate that the actress might get plastic surgery procedure, breast implant or boob job, so that her assets could look in such way.

Kate Hudson boob job rumor firstly spreaded since some people find her with a different appearance when she attended an event at the Metropolitan Museum Costume Institute gala in NYC.

Since then, the rumor spreads wide and steals many plastic surgeons’ attention. Therefore, they try to analyze whether she really got plastic surgery procedure, breast implants or breast augmentation.

Kate Hudson Breast Implants Before and After

Kate Hudson Breast Implants Before and After

After having reviewed some pictures of Kate Hudson before and after boob job, they realized that her boob size has indeed changed bigger and rounder than she used to be. They believed that Kate’s boob size did not grow naturally, but it looked like as the result of implants.

What is the response of Kate Hudson regarding the rumor of boob job? Did she admit that she had really been under knife for breast implants?

Kate Hudson Boob Job Before and After

Kate Hudson Boob Job Before and After

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When she was confirmed by some volunters of celebrity magazines, she openly admitted that she had small cup size.  She told that she did not feel insecure and comfortable with the size of her breast. Therefore, she decided to take boob job or breast augmentation to add the volume of her assets as it was reported by US magazine.

“I have small breasts, obviously, it’s nice to be able to wear a plunging neckline and have it be elegant.”

Boob job or Breast augmentation itself is not something new anymore for worldwide celebrities especially in Hollywood. There are many of them reportedly got breast implants.

Let’s take a look at Vanessa Hudgens boob size. She reportedly got boob job to increase the size of her breast. As a result, her cup size now looks bigger and rounder after being under knife.

The other actress who was also reported having boob job is Kristen Stewart. Almost plastic surgeons agree that her breast size is as a result of the implants.

Dealing with Kate Hudson boob job, some sources claim that her breast augmentation was considered as top 10 best boob jobs in Hollywood.

In short, Kate Hudson boob size indeed has changed much prettier though it was resulted from breast implants. But, one thing that we note from Kate Hudson boob job is that she did not ever hide her beauty surgery. She openly shared that she was very happy with the result of her boob job. Would you like to follow her footsteps?

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