Kathie Lee Gifford Plastic Surgery Before and After

Kathie Lee Gifford Plastic Surgery is lately being exclusive topic of discussion among celebrity viewers in various forums. This rumor appears in the surface since some people notice that her appearance looks so different than she used to. Her appearance now looks younger than ever.

Kathie likely does not have plenty of aging signs on her face. It still looks smooth, tight, and toned. This is very contrast with the appearance of other women in her age. Commonly, 61 years old women will have visible aging signs like wrinkles and other sagging skin around their face as the natural process of aging. But what we see on her appearance, it is still flawless and wrinkles-free.

Kathie Lee Gifford Plastic Surgery Before and After

Kathie Lee Gifford Plastic Surgery Before and After

Did Kathie Lee Gifford Have Plastic Surgery?

There are many actresses,50 years old, reportedly got some works done to keep and improve their appearance in their old age as well as Kathie Lee Gifford. Let’s take a look how Barbra Streisand keeps her youthful appearance in her 70 years old age. By helping of her plastic surgeon, she can still look fabulous though her age is almost 71 years old.

Plastic surgery seems to give Kathie Lee Gifford a lot of benefits so that she can still appear like a 30 years old actress. Well, if she has really been under knife, some people then wonder what kind of cosmetic surgery procedures that she had got.

Judging by Kathie Lee Gifford before and after plastic surgery pictures, the veteran television host apparently has some improvements on her face skin, eyes, and nose shape. How well do her face skin, nose, and eyes improve? Let’s see and identify one by one.

Kathie Lee Gifford Before and After Plastic Surgery

Kathie Lee Gifford Before and After Plastic Surgery

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Kathie Lee Gifford Plastic Surgery: Botox Injection

The aging process seems to be something frightening for Kathie, therefore she needs to cover her fears by having some filler injection like Botox on her face skin to combat aging signs. As result, we can see her face skin right now. It still looks flawless and fresh. Such face skin appearance indicates that the rumor of Kathie Lee Gifford plastic surgery is in fact true.

If you are still in doubt whether she has been under knife or not, Let’s see her forehead. It seems to lose horizontal lines that are almost visible on other women’s forehead in her age as the natural process of aging. What about the vertical lines around her eyebrows? yes, it seems to be removed as well.

The use of Botox injection itself will give best result if it is done by a professional plastic surgeon and it is used with appropriate proportion. If we see on Gifford’s case, she likely has got a professional surgeon and she knows how her face needs the filler injection proportionally.

Kathie Lee Gifford Facelift

The use of Botox injection and facelift surgery for old women seems to be a package that can not be separated each other. Facelift surgery is aimed to pulled out the sagging skin while the use of Botox is aimed to make the skin looks smooth. Both of those cosmetic surgery procedures are purposed to give youthful face impression for the patients.

If we look at Kathie’s face, we guess that she did not only get filler injection on her face, but she could also have facelift. Our allegation is based on her face skin which still looks so tight whereas her age almost reaches 62 years old. However, some plastic surgeons believe that she might also get a laser skin treatment to make her face look younger perfectly.

Kathie Lee Gifford Nose Job

Kathie Lee Gifford Nose Job Before and After

Kathie Lee Gifford Nose Job Before and After

The other cosmetic surgery procedures that she could have is dealing with her different nose shape. Kathie Lee Gifford’s nose now looks more defined and narrowed than before. Looking at such different nose shape, we guess that she might have got a rhinoplasty surgery to refine her previous nose that looks a bit wide with rounded at the tip. As result, we can see on her recent nose shape.

Kathie Lee Gifford Plastic Surgery: Blepharoplasty

Face improvement does not stop on her face skin and nose shape, she apparently had other beauty enhancement on her eyes. Let’s see her recent eyes which still looks wide opened and fresh as if it does not have any hanging eyes bag under and upper her eyes. We think that she might get An eyelid lift or blepharoplasty surgery to eliminate the sagging skin around her eyes.

According to plastic surgeon, Dr. Jennifer Walden, Kathie Lee Gifford is indeed fun and entertaining woman, and she may have been trying in many things including plastic surgery procedures over years to keep her youthful appearance as many women do.

How does she respond to those spreading rumors? when she was questioned by some volunteers of celebrity magazines and television hosts, she strongly denied if she had been under knife to keep her fabulous appearance in her old age. What she had stated when was having interview with Larry King is very contrast to the evidence which most people see.

In short, Even though the correspondent of NBC News has denied all the rumor. Nevertheless some people think that the evidence of Kathie Lee Gifford plastic surgery is obvious visible on her face, eyes, and nose.

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