Kelly Ripa Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

Kelly Ripa plastic surgery has been being discussed for quite a long time because the actress has never given any statements dealing with the rumor. She just stays mum. Nevertheless some people do believe if the actress has really been under knife for some beauty enhancement surgeries.

Kelly Ripa Plastic Surgery Before and After

Kelly Ripa Plastic Surgery Before and After

Did Kelly Ripa Have Plastic Surgery?

Kelly Ripa who is getting famous since she had a role as Hayley Vaughan on the television soap opera All My Children. Her acting was really attracting many people especially her fans. However some people are wondering about her natural beauty since there was a rumor saying that she has got some works done to improve her appearance.

In her 44 years old age she can still look quite attractive and wonderful. As if her face does not have any aging signs. If we see her age, it becomes unusual for 44 years old women to have flawless face appearance if they do not have any surgery procedures. Well, if she has really got plastic surgery procedures, what exactly cosmetic surgery procedures that she got. Let’s see..!

Kelly Ripa Plastic Surgery: Botox Injection

The first plastic surgery allegation is focused on her face skin which looks so smooth and fresh. There are no any wrinkles and other aging signs on Kelly’s face. Looking at her flawless face skin, some people think that the actress could have Botox injection. Commonly 40 years old women’s face will show some visible aging signs, but what we see on her face, she still looks fresh and young.

The use of Botox injection makes her skin looks so elastic and free from wrinkles. Though her forehead looks bit elevated and the eyebrow looks arched, but it still looks natural.

Kelly Ripa Boob Job (Breast Implants)

Kelly Ripa Breast Implants Before and After

Kelly Ripa Breast Implants Before and After

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The other cosmetic surgery that she might get is regarding to her recent breast size which looks a bit bigger than before. Looking at her recent cup size then compared it with the old ones, some people do believe if the actress could have got breast implants to add the volume of her bust as it was experienced by the singer Janet Jackson.

If we look at her on old pictures, she seemingly has a bit small cup size. It might make her feel uncomfortable and insecure therefore she decided to be under knife for breast implants to add the volume of her cup size, so that her breast size now looks bigger, fuller, and sexier than she used to. Appearing with big and sexy bust apparently makes her feel confident.

Kelly Ripa Plastic Surgery: Liposuction

The other possible plastic surgery procedure that she might get is liposuction. It can be proven from her body shape which looks slimmer than before. She seemingly lost some fat on her stomach, thigh, and arms.

Some people may argue that her fat body shape is because of pregnant. However, for those who believe if the actress also got liposuction is that she lost her wight in very short time. Generally women who have just given the birth for their children will need long time to bring back their ideal weight.

In short, The co-host of Live! with Kelly and Michael, a popular syndicated morning talk show, may still keep the secret of her beautiful and sexy appearance. But, some people do believe if Kelly Ripa plastic surgery rumor is in fact true. She looks younger, fresher, and attractive than other women in her age.

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