Kim Chiu Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Asian plastic surgery is not always dominated by Korean celebrities, but Filipina celebrities also have possibilities to get cosmetic surgery procedures. One of Filipina actresses who reportedly got some surgery procedures done is Kim Chiu. However, the truth of Kim Chiu plastic surgery rumor is still being debated among Asian plastic surgeons.

Kim Chiu Before and After Photos

Kim Chiu Before and After Photos

Did Kim Chiu Have Plastic Surgery?

Cosmetic surgery has main purpose to make appearance looks more attractive than it used to, and Kim Chiu reportedly got under knife to improve her appearance in order to look more beautiful and attractive than before.

Kim Chiu whose complete name Kimberly Sue Yap is best known as a famous actress and model in Philippine. Her name began stealing public attention since she had got a role in drama series Tayong Dalawa. Afterwards, she expanded her talent in Sana Maulit Muli, Kung Tayo’y Magkakalayo and many others.

Kim Chiu Nose Job Before and After

Kim Chiu Nose Job Before and After

If Kim Chiu really has got plastic surgery, the big question is what type of surgical procedures she had? Well, in order to know whether she had really been under knife or not, let’s take a look the following before and after photos.

Judging by Kim Chiu plastic surgery before and after pictures, it is easily noticed if the shape of her nose has changed. Kim Chiu’s nose now looks more defined than before. Some plastic surgeons predict that the nasal bridge has been narrowed in order to give her thin nose.

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Kim Chiu Plastic Surgery Before and After

Kim Chiu Plastic Surgery Before and After

Let’s compare her new nose with the oldest one. Both of them are very contrast. Her old nose appears bulbous and unshaped. But, her new nose now looks slimmer with more pointed at the tip. Such nose shape change is only able to be obtained through nose job or rhinoplasty surgery.

The other cosmetic surgery procedure which Kimberly had got is breast augmentation. It can be seen from how her breast size appears now. Both of Kim Chiu’s cup size looks bigger than she used to. Looking at unnatural change on her breast size, some plastic surgeons claimed if she could have boob job to increase the volume of her busts.

Kim Chiu plastic surgery procedures do not only stop at her nose and breast, she also reportedly got chin implants and jawline surgery. However, the truth of those surgery procedures is still debatable among plastic surgeons because there are not a lot of evidences.

Like other Korean celebrities who always hide their plastic surgery, Kim Chiu also denied all the rumor of cosmetic surgery procedures addressed to her. She ensured if she had been natural without any plastic surgery. She told that she had regular facial treatment and chemical peeling to help her maintaining her beauty. Does she tell the truth? You can decide by yourself by looking at Kim Chiu before and after photos above.

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    She was so beautiful and used to look like a real Asian beauty with sweet feminine features . What did she do? Now she looks more like a man :/

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