Kim Sun Ah Plastic Surgery Before and After

Kim Sun Ah plastic surgery becomes hot news in recent years. There are many her fans are talking about the possibility for her to get plastic surgery.

Indeed, there are a lot of Korean celebrities reportedly got some plastic surgery procedures. This makes some people suspect that Kim Sun Ah has undergone cosmetic surgery as well though the truth of their allegations are still debatable.

Kim Sun Ah Plastic Surgery Before and After

Kim Sun Ah Plastic Surgery Before and After

Did Kim Sun Ah Have Plastic Surgery?

If we follow her career and pay attention her appearance, we will see that this 39-year old woman, who is best known as an actress and model does, now looks much different from year to year. However, we can’t say if Kim’s transformation is the effect of plastic surgery.

Judging by the comparison between Kim Sun Ah before after photos, she does have some beauty improvements in her appearance especially on the eyes and nose.

Kim Sun Ah Eyelid Surgery

It is not deniable anymore if eyelid surgery becomes the most often taken by Korean stars. Many of them reportedly take this beauty surgery to reshape their small eyes in order to look wide.

Looking at Kim’s latest eyes makes me believe that she potentially has undergone Korean Eye Plastic Surgery. With new eyes her appearance now looks much prettier than before.

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Kim Sun Ah Nose Job

Kim Sun Ah Before After Nose Job

Kim Sun Ah Before After Nose Job

The other sign of cosmetic surgery which can be seen from Kim’s appearance is a rhinoplasty surgery. This allegation is based on the shape of her new nose. Kim Sun Ah nose now looks slimmer with much better defined at the tip. Such nose improvement seems to be impossible as the effect of makeup, but it more inclined to the results of nose job.

Well, if you are still in doubt whether she has been under knife for a rhinoplasty or not, let’s see how her nose in previous years . It looks a bit wide opened with a bump at the tip. But, it now seems to look better and the bump at the tip has disappeared.

Did she admit all the allegations? Even though Kim Sun Ah plastic surgery has been being much talked by a lot of people for long time, but the actress herself has never given any official statements whether she has gotten some cosmetic surgery procedures done or not.

Over all, Many of her fans may disbelieve if actress of Scent of a Woman has undergone plastic surgery. But judging by before and after photos, some people agree if the rumor of Kim Sun Ah plastic surgery is in fact true.

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