Kristen Stewart Plastic Surgery Before and After

Kristen Stewart plastic surgery is now being talked by a lot of people along with her fame in the Hollywood film industry. None of the people who never thought that actress, whose name is soaring through the twilight saga movie series, gets some cosmetic surgery procedures. Some people are now wondering about what kind of surgical procedures that she had got.

Kristen Stewart Nose Job Before and After

Kristen Stewart Nose Job Before and After

Has Kristen Stewart Got Plastic Surgery?

There are a lot of people admire if she is one of the rising stars whose beautiful and sweet appearance. Many of teenagers now become her fans. However, they seem to be a bit disappointed since there is rumor if their favorite actress has been under plastic surgeon’s knife. Therefore they are now wondering about what typical  Kristen Stewart plastic surgery procedures are.

Judging by the before and after pictures, she does look a little bit different than she used to. Some people notice that she had some beauty enhancements on her nose and breast size. Does it mean that she has got a rhinoplasty surgery and breast implants. Let’s check them out one by one.

Kristen Stewart Nose Job

There are many disputes dealing with Kristen Stewart rhinoplasty surgery. Some people consider that she got the nose job is for medical reason, however not a few of them claim that either medical or beauty reason, both of them ended to make the nose shape look better. Hence they think that the rumor saying if Twilight Saga star got plastic surgery is all in fact true.

What about the results? Does it look better and appropriate for Kristen Stewart face shape? A rhinoplasty surgery has apparently made her nose shape looks much well defined than before. The nostrils are inserted so her nose shape now appears thinner and more oblique.

Kristen Stewart’s nose shape now looks very different from the old ones. Kristen previous nose looks a bit wide with rounded at the tip. but if we look at her recent nose, the nasal bridge seems to be narrowed while the mound on her nose tip was reduced.

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Kristen Stewart Breast Implants

The other beauty enhancement on her appearance is focused on her big cup size. Some people may know her with small and bit flat breast size, but a few years later,  Kristen Stewart Breast size apparently increases. It now looks bigger than before.

Kristen Stewart Breast Implants Before and After

Kristen Stewart Breast Implants Before and After

Looking at Kristen Stewart boob size, some people wonder if the actress does not only have a rhinoplasty surgery, but she also could have breast implants to add the volume of her assets as it was done by Vanessa Hudgens.

There is a news that the plastic surgeon who did Kristen Stewart plastic surgery face is Dr. Aristotle Wang. If this news is in fact true, the plastic surgeon must have done all plastic surgery procedures perfectly well, so that young Twilight actress looks better and much better than she used to. The doctor has successfully repaired Stewart’s disfiguring birth defect. Hence she now can smile sweetly, whereas she previously got difficulties in gaining beautiful smile, even some people consider that her smile in the past is like a woman eating a fart.

Kristen Stewart Plastic Surgery Face

Kristen Stewart Plastic Surgery Face

How did other plastic surgeon respond to the rumor of Kristen Stewart plastic surgery? Do they agree if she did not only have nose job, but she also got boob job to gain beautiful and sexy appearance. Let’s see plastic surgeons’ thoughts below.

According to Dr. Barry M. Rose, she definitely got implants on her breast. The surgeon adds that it is almost impossible for other women to have such breast size naturally in very short time if they do not have boob job.

On the other hand, Dr. Adam Schaffner, a plastic surgeon in New York City, thinks that Kristen Stewart boob size can be just affected by the a padded push-up bra. However, the surgeon believes if her big cup size is obtained through breast implants.

Over all, the star of Camp X-Ray film might have birth defect in the past, but her appearance now looks better than before. Some people think that plastic surgery procedures have changed her into a beautiful and sexy woman with awesome breast size.

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