Lala Vasquez Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Lala Vasquez Plastic Surgery may not be something new anymore, but there are still many are talking about her beauty enhancement surgeries. It is all because her appearance always changes time by time.

It is not secret anymore if this 33 year-old actress has penchant in changing her appearance like hairstyle, fashion mode, and make up. However, some people may miss one thing from her, it is possible for her to get some cosmetic surgery procedures as the parts of her craze.

Lala Vasquez Plastic Surgery Before and After

Lala Vasquez Plastic Surgery Before and After

Did Lala Vasquez Have Plastic Surgery?

Alani “La La” Anthony who was born on June 25, 1979 is best known as a American television personality and actress, but some people may also know her as a disc jockey.

Since she is known to vary the appearance, many people predict she must have had plastic surgery procedure done for her appearance. Nevertheless there is no clear information about what Lala Vasquez plastic surgery procedures are. In order to give you clear information whether she has got plastic surgery or not, and if she did so, what kind of surgery procedures that she had. Hence we will do some reviews. However, it has to be noted that our reviews are based on the comparison of pictures between Lala Vasquez before and after plastic surgery. So, keep on reading..!

Judging by the before and after photos, we notice that this disc jockey seems to have some unusual changes on her face features such as face skin, nose, and eyes. Let’s see the reviews below one by one.

Lala Vasquez Plastic Surgery Face: Facelift & Botox

Based on before and after pictures, Lala’s face skin seems to look flawless. She does not have a lot of aging signs like wrinkles and crow’s feet lines around her face, whereas her age is almost 36 years old.

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A flawless appearance in 36 year-old age seems to be hard to be obtained naturally if we do not have help from the plastic surgeon. And what we see on Lala’s appearance, her face skin still appears to be smooth and toned. Commonly, 36 year-old woman will have some frown lines on her face as the natural sign of aging. Hence we predict that she could have got facelift combined with Botox injection, so that her face skin can still look in such way.

Lala Vasquez Nose Job

The other plastic surgery procedure that she might get is nose job. It can be proved through the shape of Lala Vasquez nose which now looks a bit slimmer with more pointed at the tip.

Lala Vasquez Nose Job Before and After

Lala Vasquez Nose Job Before and After

Looking at the shape of her nose made us do believe if the actress must have got nose job, so that her wide and big nose turned into thin, sharp, and well defined.

If you are still in doubt and curious, let’s take a look at her nasal bridge. It appears to be narrowed while the bump at the tip seems to be reduced. Such nose enhancement will not happen naturally if it is not done by a plastic surgeon.

Lala Vasquez Eyelid Surgery

Based on Lala Vasquez before and after pictures, we also found that she does not have any sagging skin or hanging eyes bag around her eyes. Both of her eyes appears to be fresh and still wide opened.

It is very contrast to the other women’s eyes in her age which show some excessive skin under and upper their eyes. It may be a normal thing for them, but is seems to be embarrassing thing for Lala. Therefore she decided to get rid of the aging signs around her eyes via eyelid surgery.

The rumor of Lala Vasquez plastic surgery may still unconfirmed yet, but judging by the before and after pictures, we do believe if she really has got some plastic surgery procedures done. As result, we can see on her appearance today. She still looks flawless with more defined nose shape, and fresh eyes.

In short, the star of Law and Order: Special Victims Unit film may still keeps her beauty enhancement surgery secrets, but some celebrity watchers like us strongly believe if the rumor of  Lala Vasquez plastic surgery is really a fact.

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