Latoya Jackson Plastic Surgery Before and After

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Latoya Jackson Plastic Surgery apparently more adds Jackson family member plastic surgery lists. She reportedly got some works done on her appearance. However, there are many people consider that her appearance now looks weird and unnatural. Nevertheless a lot of her fans still insist that she does still look natural and does not appear to have some cosmetic surgery procedures like her old brother, Michael Jackson.

Did Latoya Jackson Have Plastic Surgery?

La Toya Yvonne Jackson who was born on May 29, 1956 is best known as a talented woman. She is not well known as  an American singer and songwriter, but some people also know her as television personality, actress, and businesswoman.

Latoya Jackson Plastic Surgery Before and After

Latoya Jackson Plastic Surgery Before and After

As a talented woman, she of course has got a plenty of awards for her career achievements. However, her career achievement apparently is not  followed by Latoya Jackson plastic surgery. Since she looks so different, some people predict that the sister of Michael Jackson has got bad plastic surgery.

Well, if she has really been under knife, what kind of surgery procedures that she could have. Here are the most possible answers for the reason why she now looks weird and unnatural. Check them out..!

La Toya Jackson Nose Job

The first plastic surgery procedure that is addressed to her is a rhinoplasty surgery. It can be seen through her nose that looks unnaturally thinner and sharper than before. Whereas some people previously knew if her nose looks a bit wide with round at the tip.

Latoya Jackson Nose Job Before and After

Latoya Jackson Nose Job Before and After

In stead of getting well defined nose shape, her nose even looks fake now. It looks like a joker. Looking at her current nose shape, some people predict that she might get overdone rhinoplasty surgery.

According to Dr. Wigoda, La Toya obviously got nose job for many times. The surgeon also noticed that she did not only have a rhinoplasty surgery, but she apparently got chin implants, boob job, and several liposuction surgeries.

La Toya Jackson Plastic Surgery: Chin Implants

Judging by the comparison between La Toya Jackson before and after plastic surgery pictures supported with Dr. Wigoda explanation, she indeed has different chin appearance than she used to. Her chin now looks sharper and longer than before. Looking at her recent chin appearance, many people do believe if the talented actress has got chin implant to make her chin shape better. However, instead of getting better chin, she even looks fake.

La Toya Jackson Boob Job (Breast Implants)

The other cosmetic surgery that she could have is boob job. It can be seen from her recent cup size which looks bigger and fuller than she used to. Whereas La Toya Jackson breast size previously looks small and flat. But it now has changed to be fuller and bigger.

Latoya Jackson Breast Implants Before and After

Latoya Jackson Breast Implants Before and After

When she was confirmed and questioned whether she has really been under knife for some parts of her body improvement, she strongly denied if her appearance enhancement was obtained through cosmetic surgery procedures. Nevertheless, she did not tell frankly what the secrets of her beauty enhancement are.

Over all, Even though the former star of  RuPaul’s Drag Race television series has never told what the secrets of her transformation, but many people are quite sure if Latoya Jackson plastic surgery rumor is truly a fact. They also consider that all of her cosmetic surgery procedures are overdone so that her appearance now looks unnatural and fake.

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