Laura Bell Bundy Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Many celebrities, especially in Hollywood, are always accused of having many plastic surgery allegations as a beauty secret to support their bright career. The accusations include enhancing their body and facial part to look better and different than before. And sometimes to maintain their youthful look so they do not look aged. But Laura Bell Burgundy does not experience the same exact thing. She got accused of having plastic surgery too, but only one and it is on her nose. Public speculated the actress had been gone through rhinoplasty for her drastically nose changing.

Laura Bell Bundy Plastic Surgery Before and After

Laura Bell Bundy Plastic Surgery Before and After

The 33 years old Hollywood actress used to have a big bulky nose. We can see that from some movies she had starred when she was still young, such as Jumanjii. But comparing to now, when she is much older, her nose seems thinner with less bulk on her nose. The nasal tip became much pointer and sharper. Is it the effect of puberty and her nose changing is natural?  Public believe it is not the effect of growing up, but the work of a surgeon. Only by the help of a doctor’s knife could reduce the bulk on her nose and make it thinner. Basically people will not grow anything anymore after reaching the limit of their lives, even reduced some of their facial appearance.

The How I Met Your Mother cast has not said anything about her allegation yet. She neither confirms that she has accepted it nor she has denied it. We do not need to force her to say the truth, because she has the right to remain silent and keep it with herself. Her allegation will not really bother her too, so she can keep continue writing a bright career in the film industry.

All we can say is that the work, if she really had, on her nose is great; it looks natural and fit really well with her grown up face. People will not recognize her from her young appearance in her old movies. But it was worth it to appear in newer movie and series, with more confident face.

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