Lil Kim Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

Lil Kim plastic surgery has stolen a lot of people attention. It is all because there are many pros and cons dealing with the result of her beauty enhancement surgeries. Some people think that her appearance looks good after being under knife, but not a few of them think that Lil Kim plastic surgery gone wrong so her appearance looks weird and even horrible.

Kimberly Denise Jones who was born on born July 11, 1974 is best known as an American rapper, singer-songwriter, model, and actress. Her talent has made many people amazed and always wait for her new breakthrough. However, some people are lately shocking with her new appearance, she looks so different than she used to. Some people who look at her difference directly predict that she could have some works done.

Lil Kim Before And After Plastic Surgery Pictures

Lil Kim Before And After Plastic Surgery Pictures

Did Lil Kim Have Plastic Surgery?

Judging by pictures of Lil Kim before and after plastic surgery, she does look different. Her face skin looks so smooth while her nose also looks much well defined than before. Are those changes caused by plastic surgery? it may be true.

Well if she really has got some works done on the parts of her body, what kind of cosmetic surgery procedures did she have so that her appearance looks so different than she used to. Here are the most possible answers. Let’s check them out..!

Lil Kim Plastic Surgery: Botox Injections

Based on the comparison between Lil Kim plastic surgery pictures, her face looks brighter and younger than other women in her age. Looking at her unusual appearance, many people believe if the talented woman has got Botox injection to eliminate some aging signs on her face. Let’s see her face carefully, it does not show a lot of wrinkles and stress lines, but it is still fresh and even brighter. Whereas her face appearance previously looks a bit dark and dull.

Lil Kim Nose Job Before And After Pictures

Lil Kim Nose Job Before And After Pictures

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Lil Kim Nose Job

The other spot that was suspected experiencing some plastic surgeon’s knife is on her nose.  Lil Kim’s nose shape now looks thinner with more pointed at the tip. Such nose shape change is usually obtained through a rhinoplasty surgery as it has been done by Eliza Dushku. Let’s take a look at her nostrils, both of them look narrowed so that they can look smaller than before. Meanwhile, the nasal bridge is also apparently narrowed so that the tip can look sharper than before.

Lil Kim Plastic Surgery: Eyelid Surgery

Besides Botox injection and nose job, the record producer also might get eyelid surgery. It can be seen from her eyes which still looks wide opened. It is very contradiction to other women’s eyes in her age. They have some excessive skin and hanging eyes bag under and upper the eyes. But what we see on Lil Kim’s eyes, both of her eyes still looks fresh whereas her age is almost 41 years old.

Looking at her eyes, we can not tell that Lil Kim without plastic surgery. She has changed her natural look with a slightly artificial appearance. Therefore it is no wonder if it is hard to see any eye bags and saggy skin on her eyes area.

Lil Kim Plastic Surgery: Facial Fillers

last but not least, the actress of Superhero Movie also reportedly got other injectable filler on her face. Some plastic surgeons predict that she possibly got Restylane and Juvederm injected around her face skin, so her face can still look smooth and sleek. Her cheek also appears  more chubby and full. It might be caused by the use of those facial fillers.

Nevertheless Lil Kim plastic surgery rumor has been spreading out widely and has been becoming public consumption, there has no been any official statements from the actress. She just stays mum with the rumor.

Over all, though the former star of Lil’ Pimp, black comedy animated film, has not given any statements dealing whether she has really got plastic surgery procedures or not, some people think that Lil Kim plastic surgery timeline is truly a fact. However, there are still many disputes dealing with the results. Some claim if Lil Kim plastic surgery gone wrong, but on the contrary some noted that the result was good. Which one is true? you can decide by yourself by looking at Lil Kim plastic surgery before and after pictures above.

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