Lisa Rinna Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Lisa Rinna who is best known as television host and actress is recently shocking public especially her fans with her brave confession dealing with plastic surgery. She openly admitted that she has been under knife to enhance her appearance. however, public still wonder what kinds of surgical procedures did she have because she did not tell in detail about her cosmetic surgery procedures. Nevertheless, some people think that she has gone too far with her beauty enhancements surgery because she does not look better, but she looks unnatural and even a bit weird now.

Lisa Rinna Plastic Surgery Before and After

Lisa Rinna Plastic Surgery Before and After

What Are Lisa Rinna Plastic Surgery Procedures?

Plastic surgery is not something new anymore for celebrities in Hollywood. most of them reportedly got this beauty enhancement to improve their appearance and to boost their confidence as well as Lisa Rinna. even though she has frankly told that she has got some works done for her appearance, but public consider that what she had done is like boomerang. She does not look better and beautiful after getting some cosmetic surgery procedures, but she now looks a bit weird. Looking at her current appearance makes some people wonder what exactly surgery procedures did she have until her appearance looks  in such way. Here are some possible plastic surgery procedures that she had got.

Lisa Rinna Plastic Surgery: Lip injection

Through several interviews, Lisa Rinna admitted that she has got lip filler injection like Donatella Versace. Even she told that she had did this lips enhancement when she was young, 25 years old. She said that she had asked the surgeon to inject the filler into her lip since her age is still 25 years old. Lisa Rinna Revealed that after getting lips surgery she felt more confidence to be exist in entertainment industry. However, she apparently becomes a bit addicted  to get surgery procedures so that she toke additional lips enhancement. Instead of getting a beautiful appearance, she just looks weird. Her lip looks unnaturally plumped and wider. As we can see today, Lisa Rinna lip looks so big, larger and bigger than normal women’s lips.

Lisa Rinna Lips Filler Injection

Lisa Rinna Lips Filler Injection

Lisa Rinna Plastic Surgery: Botox Injection

Besides having lips filler injection, Lisa also admitted that she had got Botox injection. She told that she would like to eliminate the aging signs on her face especially on her forehead.  Lisa Rinna Botox injection actually works well on her despite the facts that her big lip ruin her appearance.

When she was confirmed whether she regrets or not to have some works done on her face that have made her look unnatural, she fairly said that she never regretted her plastic surgery. Nevertheless she openly reminded  another women in order not to go plastic surgeon because it would make them to be addicted to plastic surgery procedures as she had experienced.

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In short, we can at least learn much from Lisa Rinna plastic surgery experience. The former of Days of our Lives star did not look better after being under knife, but she even looks unnatural even a bit horrible. Nevertheless we really appreciate her bravery to admit all the plastic surgery allegations addressed to her. We hope that she can still look better next.

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