List of Celebrities with Breast Implants Before And After Pictures

Celebrities with Breast Implants seem inseparable from each other. This is evidenced by so many of the actress who reportedly getting plastic surgery procedures, breast implants (bob job or breast augmentation).

It is not a secret anymore if a beautiful and sexy appearance becomes one of the most important assets for celebrities especially actresses. Therefore, they will do everything to maintain and to enhance their appearance even though they have to take the most extreme ways, plastic surgery procedures.

One of the most often taken surgical procedures by many actresses in U.S is breast implants (boob job or breast augmentation). This beauty surgery is aimed to add the volume of cup size in order to appear bigger.

Well, the big question is “who are the actresses that reportedly got breast implants?” That’s what I will share to you. Let’s see!

List of Celebrities With Breast Implants

Regardless of whether the following actresses have really had breast implants or not, their breast sizes indeed have increased twice bigger than they used to be. And, here are list of List of Celebrities with breast implants.

Gwen Stefani Boob Job

The 46-year-old woman GIn Stefani who is not only best known as a singer, songwriter, and fashion designer, but also a famous actress is indeed a beautiful and sexy woman. She apparently has great cares about her look.

Gwen Stefani Boob Job Before and After

Gwen Stefani Boob Job Before and After

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One of her breakthroughs in film industry can be seen in The Aviator film in which she was portrayed as Jean Harlow. During her career in music and film industry she has earned a lot of awards. One of them is Grammy Award.

However, Stefani’s career achievements seems to be tarnished by a rumor saying if her breast was fake because it was obtained through plastic surgery, breast implants (breast augmentation or boob job). Is the speculation of breast implants true? No one knows because she herself has never given any statements regarding the rumors.

But, if I look at the comparison between Gwen Stefani before and after breast implant pictures, her boob size indeed looks changing twice bigger than before. And, the change in Stefani’s cup size reflects the sign of breast augmentation.

Selena Gomez Breast Implants

Everyone agrees if Selena Gomez is a pretty and sexy woman. But, do you believe if her beauty is natural especially her breast size? Yeah, there are many rumors saying that the woman who was born on July 22, 1992 has got plastic surgery procedure, breast implants, due to different cup size.

Selena Gomez Breast Augmentation Pictures

Selena Gomez Breast Augmentation Pictures

The rumor of Selena Gomez Breast Implants began spreading when some people saw her stepping out in sunny NYC with a sheer black tank top. They saw something different in her appearance. They found that Selena Gomez breast size looked bigger and fuller than she used to be. Since then, the speculation of breast implants spread and became a hot topic of conversation among her fans.

However, the rumors of Selena Gomez breast augmentation are never confirmed or admitted by her. She has never wanted to give any comments dealing with the spreading rumors. Does it mean that her boob size is fake? No one knows.

If I look between before and after pictures, Selena Gomez breast size indeed has changed. It now appears bigger than before. According to some plastic surgeons, she has really been under knife for boob job.

Blake Lively Boob Job

The rumor of Blake Lively Boob Job begins to become hot topic of discussion among celebrity watchers since she appeared with different appearance in Gossip Girl. Since then, there are a lot of people feel curiosity then compared Blake Lively before and after pictures. And surprisingly, those pictures comparison show the different breast size.

Blake Lively Boob Job Before and After

Blake Lively Boob Job Before and After

Nevertheless, not all of her fans believe if she had breast augmentation. They consider that the change of her breast size is caused by the growth because her age is still young, so everything can happen including cup size changes.

According to Manhattan plastic surgeon Dr. David Shafer, between before and after pictures, she indeed looks like having boob job because her breast size now looks moderated. Nonetheless, the surgeon considers that Blake Lively breast size still look normal not too big.

Other plastic surgeon Dr. Sherrell J. Aston also believes that Blake Lively Boob size reflects the result of breast implants. The doctor also reveals that her cup size still appears natural and fit to her body frame.

Salma Hayek Breast Implants

The former star of Lonely Hearts film Salma Hayek also becomes one of Celebrities with Breast Implants due to the dramatic change on her breast size. A lot of people believe that the 49-year-old woman has been under knife for boob job.

Salma Hayek Breast Augmentation Before and After

Salma Hayek Breast Augmentation Before and After

Based on the comparison betIen Salma Hayek before and after Breast Implants pictures, her bust size does look much bigger than before. It is obviously as the result of implants. Generally, middle-aged women will have saggy breast if they do not get any beauty surgery. But, what I can see on Salma Hayek’s breast size, she still has awesome cup size.

Kim Kardashian Boob Job

It is not surprising anymore if Kardashian’s family likes to do plastic surgery to maintain and improve their appearance. Let’s see her mother Kriss Jenner plastic surgery, she is reported having some cosmetic surgery procedures done to keep her youthful look. Likewise his step father, Bruce Jenner plastic surgery, he is reported to have earned the beauty enhancements through plastic surgery to get rid of the signs of aging on his face.

Kim Kardashian Boob Job Before and After

Kim Kardashian Boob Job Before and After

According to some source, Kim Kardashian Boob Job is inspired by Caitlyn Jenner’s Bare Breasts. After seeing her boobs, she dreams to have breast size like hers as it was quoted below.

“I was with Caitlyn at her Vanity Fair shoot, it was so good to just see how comfortable she is in her own skin,” Kim says. “I’m so excited to see these pictures.”

When she stated to plan boob job, many people are waiting about the result of Kim Kardashian Boob Job. And shortly afterwards, she finally goes out with a fantastic cup size. Many people see that her breast size now looks much bigger than before. Nonetheless, not all people are amazed with her new breast. Some people consider that her boob size looks too big, as if it will explode from her chest. Next time I will share more celebrities with breast implants. Therefore, stay up to date by visiting this site!

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