Lizzy Grant Plastic Surgery Before and After

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Lizzy Grant plastic surgery is recently being used as headlines for many celebrity magazines. They report that she has been under knife for her lips, so it is no wonder if there a lot of people are wondering why she now looks a bit different than she used to.

This American singer-songwriter who is best known with her stage name, Lana Del Rey, now has puffy lips. It is almost different with her previous lips which looks slim and natural.

Did Lana Del Rey Have Her Lips Done?

Lizzy Grant Before and After Plastic Surgery

Lizzy Grant Before and After Plastic Surgery

There are many her fans are shocked when they hear that their favorite young singer has been under knife to improve her appearance. They do not believe in that news because they think that her age is still young, so she does not need any surgery procedures like lips enhancement done.

Even though a lot of her fans still do not believe in Lizzy Grant plastic surgery rumor, but looking at her recent lips then comparing to her previous lips. Lana Del Rey’s lips does look much different, it now looks a bit plump. If she really has got lips enhancement done, many people guess that she has gone too far with her lips filler injection, so that both of her lips, upper and lower, do not look natural.

According to Dr, Michael Salzhauer, Elizabeth Woolridge Grant who was born on June 21, 1985 has taken a lot of benefits from her lips filler injection like Juvederm or Restylane to make her her lips enhanced.

On the contrary, other plastic surgeons have different thoughts about Lizzy Grant plastic surgery. They think that Lana Del Rey’s lips are still natural without any filler injected there. They ensure if some people found her with larger and plump lips, it is all because she used too much lipstick and gloss.

Lana Del Rey Lips Injection Before and After Pictures

Some plastic surgeons may have different reviews regarding to Lizzy Grant plastic surgery, but judging by the before and after photos, we personally notice that her lips do look much different than she used to.

Lizzy Grant Lips Filler Injection Before and After

Lizzy Grant Lips Filler Injection Before and After

We are not sure enough if her puffy lips are all caused by too much use of lipstick and gloss. We notice that her plumped lips look unnaturally made or shaped, therefore we believe if it was resulted from lips filler injection like Juvederm or Restylane.

If you are still in doubt, let’s see her recent lips. both of her lips, upper and lower, look like imbalance. Nevertheless we personally admit if Lana Del Rey lips injection does not appear overdone like many people thought. Lizzy Grant lips are still natural though it was gained through lips filler injection as it was experienced by Anne Hathaway.

Unluckily, the rumor of Lana Del Rey plastic surgery are not confirmed yet by the singer. She still keeps silent whenever she is questioned about the rumor. It may be the main reason why many people do believe if the rumor is in fact true.

Over all, The actress of Tropico short film may still keeps her lips enhancement, but the comparison between before and after photos have shown quite enough plastic surgery signs. Nevertheless it has to be noted and admitted if Lizzy Grant plastic surgery is not overdone, but it was done well.

What do you think about the rumor of Lana Del Rey plastic surgery? Does she appear to have it done? If she has so, is it like overdone? Fell free to share your ideas with us..!

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