Lorraine Bracco Plastic Surgery Before and After

Lorraine Bracco Plastic Surgery recently becomes happening topic of discussion among celebrity watchers. Many people see that her appearance really looks unnatural for a 60-year-old woman. She still looks like a 35-year-old woman. Her face does not show a lot of aging signs, but it still appears tight and smooth.

Did Lorraine Bracco Have Plastic Surgery?

It is very common question when some people see some actresses, especially middle-age actress, with unnatural look must have some surgical procedures done including Lorraine Bracco.

Well, if Lorraine Bracco really has been under knife, what type of cosmetic surgery procedures did she have? Here is what we will answer. Let’s see!

Lorraine Bracco Before and After Photos

Lorraine Bracco Before and After Plastic Surgery

Judging by before and after pictures, she possibly got facelift, Botox injection, eyelid surgery or Blepharoplasty surgery. Therefore, aging signs like wrinkles, crow’s feet lines, and excessive skin are absent on her face.

Lorraine Bracco Facelift and Botox Injection

Facelift that is combined with filler injection seems to be one of the most favorite surgical procedures for middle-age women. It is reasonable because facelift and Botox can eliminate the aging signs and make the skin around the face look smooth and tight.

If we look at Lorraine Bracco’s ageless appearance, she seemed to have facelift and Botox done. It rarely happens to other 60-year-old women to have the youthful look like her if they do not have any beauty surgery done.

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Lorraine Bracco Plastic Surgery: Eyelid Surgery

An eyelid surgery or it is well known as Blepharoplasty surgery is other cosmetic surgery procedures that many middle-age actresses took. It is all because this surgical procedure can eliminate the eyes bag or excessive skin under and upper eyelids.

If we look carefully at Lorraine Bracco’s eyes, they still look fresh and wide opened without too much excessive skin. It can mean that she has been under knife for eyelid surgery as well.

Lorraine Bracco Plastic Surgery Pictures

Lorraine Bracco Plastic Surgery Before and After

It is not possible for a 60-year-old woman to have fresh and awake eyes if they do not take any beauty surgery to eliminate the sagging skin around their eyes.

What is the response of Lorraine Bracco regarding the speculation of plastic surgery?

Since her name became most talked by celebrity watchers, she denied all the allegations. She told media that she previously had intention to get some cosmetic surgery procedures, but she thought better to age naturally and gracefully without any plastic surgeon’s help.

But unfortunately, what she had told does not make people believe. They think that it is just her alibi to hide all the surgical procedures which she had taken.

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