Lynda Carter Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

A superhero is powerful and has strength more than ordinary people. In comic book, usually a superhero has a unique ability that different from other superheroes. One of the famous superhero is Wonder Woman. She has the ability to fly, fight against criminal with only bare hands, and having a high endurance.

The fictional comic character later filmed on television series in human real life between 1975 and 1979. It was portrayed by the 1972 Miss World, Lynda Carter. Now, the actress is 63 years old, but her beautiful appearance does not suit with the age.

Does she really get the superpower from her character to maintain a youthful look? Public tend to accept more rational reason why the actress still looks gorgeous though her age is no longer young.

Lynda Carter Plastic Surgery Before and After

Lynda Carter Plastic Surgery Before and After

Did Lynda Carter Have Plastic Surgery?

On her age, there are not much aging signs appear on the real name Lynda Jean Cordova Carter’s face, especially wrinkles and sagging skin. Her face still looks smooth and tight.

Looking at her current appearance, some people wonder if the actress got some surgery procedures like facelift that was usually combined with Botox injection. Commonly 60-year-old-age women’s face will show some aging signs, but Lynda Carter’s face looks different with other women in her age. It still looks fresh and tight hence some people do believe if Lynda Carter Plastic Surgery rumor is in a fact true.

Lynda Carter Before and After Photos

Lynda Carter Before and After Photos

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The other spot that leads to plastic surgery allegation is on her eyes. Both of her eyes still look wide opened and fresh as if it is hard to find any hanging eyes bag under and upper her eyes. Therefore public think that Lynda apparently did not only get facelift and filler injection only, but she possibly got eyelid surgery as well to remove her excessive skin around her eyes.

In some pictures of Lynda in media, there are some sagging skins under the actress’ eyes. But on newer picture, it seems reduced. If it is not the result of Blepharoplasty, so what kinds of treatments that can eliminate the excessive skin? In addition, in order to complete her cosmetic surgery procedures, Lynda took skin laser treatment to smoothen her face skin in order to look perfect.

Responding to the allegations, the mother of two children has stated that she did not have any plastic surgery procedures to keep her youthful face. She told that her wonderful appearance was obtained through healthy life style like vegetarian and regular exercise.

Nevertheless some people seem not to believe it easily because keeping youthful appearance in old age is not easy jobs. So, is the actress not telling the truth?

Some people want that she will not hide her plastic surgery facts, because she is only a human who does not have any power against aging phase. Or does she need to use one of her character’s weapons, the Lasso of Truth, which forces anyone it captures to obey and tell the truth? You can decide by yourself by looking at before and after photos above.

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