Madhuri Dixit Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Plastic surgery in India may not be as popular as in Korea, but the latest news say if one of well known Bollywood actresses has got some cosmetic surgery procedures done. The actress is Madhuri Dixit. Her popularity may not be denied anymore, but a lot of people especially her fans now wonder about her transformation which looks much different than before. Did she really have plastic surgery? Or it is just a rumor. That’s what we will answer.

Madhuri Dixit Plastic Surgery Photos

Madhuri Dixit Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Judging by before and after pictures, Madhuri’s appearance does look a little bit different than before. Therefore, it is not wonder if there are many of her fans are wondering what is happening to her.

If we look at the comparison of Madhuri Dixit Plastic Surgery photos, she seemed to have facelift, botox injection, and nose job (rhinoplasty surgery).

Let’s take a look at her face skin! It still looks so tight and smooth. It is very contrast to her age, 48 years old. In her age, she should have some wrinkles and sagging skin around her face like many other women have. But in fact, her facial skin still appears fresh and ageless. It is the reason why some people speculate if Madhrui got facelift and Botox injection.

Madhuri Dixit Rhinoplasty Surgery Before and After

Madhuri Dixit Nose Job Before and After

The other sign of Madhuri Dixit Plastic Surgery can be seen from the shape of her nose which looks a little bit different. Pay attention in the before picture! Her nose looks a bit wide and big, but in the after picture, Madhuri’s nose appears slimmer, straighter, and much better defined than the previous nose. It triggers the speculation if the Bollywood actress has been under knife for nose job (rhinoplasty surgery).

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When this allegation was confirmed to Madhuri, she did not tell anything. She just stays mum and went away. But, in an interview with Filmfare, she strongly denied that she had been under knife like many people alleged.

Well, though she has denied all the allegations, some people more believe in the facts from the comparison of before and after photos. What about you? Do you believe that Madhuri Dixit has had plastic surgery procedures done?

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