Marlo Thomas Plastic Surgery Before and After

Being an old woman with flawless appearance seems to be every woman’s dream especially for 50-year old celebrities. But unfortunately, most of celebrities prefer to take the shortest and easiest way, plastic surgery, to keep their youthful appearance instead natural way.

Marlo Thomas Plastic Surgery Before and After

Marlo Thomas Plastic Surgery Before and After

Lately, many people are talking about Marlo Thomas Plastic Surgery. They predict that 50-year actress has been under knife, so that her appearance can still look stunning though her age is no longer young.

What are Marlo Thomas Plastic Surgery procedures?

Judging by before and after plastic surgery pictures, the former star of That Girl sitcom does look the same as she was young. She does not have a lot of change on her appearance though Marlo Thomas age has been already 77 years old. Her face does not have plenty of wrinkles, but it still appears tight and smooth.

Based on the comparison of Marlo Thomas plastic surgery before and after photos, many plastic surgeons predict that the social activist could have got facelift which is possibly combined with facial filler injection like Botox.

Marlo Thomas Before and After Plastic Surgery

Marlo Thomas Before and After Plastic Surgery

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Commonly, 77-year-old women could have frown lines around their face as the sign of natural aging process. But, what we see on her facial skin, it still appears flawless with wrinkle-free. Marlo Thomas facelift has successfully eliminated some aging signs on her face.

Nevertheless, some people notice that Marlo Thomas lips augmentation is not as good as her facelift surgery. Her lips now look a bit weird after being under knife. It appears too wide.

The other sign of Marlo Thomas plastic surgery can be seen on her face is how the shape of her nose appears. Her nose now appears too pinched and disproportional to her facial features. Looking at the shape of her nose job, some people do believe if she has got nose job. Even most of plastic surgeons think that Marlo Thomas nose job is overdone so that it makes her a nose looks too narrow for a human being.

Marlo Thomas plastic surgery procedures do not stop only at her face features, but some people notice that she probably got breast augmentation as well. The sign of Marlo Thomas boob job can be seen from her new cup size which looks heavier and fuller even though not a few of them claim that it seems to be overdone.

In short, there are many critics for Marlo Thomas plastic surgery results, most of plastic surgeon claim if this veteran Hollywood actress has gone too far with cosmetic surgery procedures. As result, her appearance does not look better, but she appears weird and unnatural after getting plastic surgery.

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