Melania Trump Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Melania Trump Plastic Surgery lately becomes hot topic of discussion among netizens. The former model reportedly got some procedures of plastic surgery to keep and to enhance her youthful appearance. Are these rumors true? If she has really been under knife for some beauty enhancements, what type of cosmetic surgery she had?

Melania Trump former model is the wife of Donald Trump, a candidate for President of the United States in the 2016 presidential election. Although her age is already 45 years old, but her appearance still looks like a 30 years old woman. There are not a lot of aging signs around her face. This seems to be the reason for some people to speculate that she has undergone plastic surgery.

What Are the Procedures of Melania Trump Plastic Surgery

Judging from the pictures between Melania Trump before and after plastic surgery, she indeed has some improvements in her appearance. Some people see that her face skin looks unnatural for a 45-year-old woman. Meanwhile, the shape of her nose also has changed. And, the most noticeable change in her appearance is Melania Trump breast size.

Well, to clarify the rumors, let’s see review in detail below. However, it should be noted that this review is based on a comparison between Melania Trump before and after pictures. So, everything can be right and on the contrary.

Melania Trump Plastic Surgery: Breast Implants

We begin from the most noticeable sign of plastic surgery in her appearance. Many people see that Melania Trump breast size now looks much bigger and rounder than before. They consider that it rarely happens to other women in her age. Therefore, they believe that her boob’s transformation is as the result of boob job or breast augmentation surgery and the rumors of Melania Trump boob job is a fact.

Melania Trump Plastic Surgery Breast Implant

Melania Trump Plastic Surgery Breast Implant

Generally, 45 years old women will have saggy breast as the natural process of aging. But, what can be seen from Melania Trump breast, it still appears awesome.

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Boob job (breast implant or breast augmentation) itself is not something new for models, Including for Melania Knauss-Trump. It is reasonable because a beautiful and sexy appearance becomes one of the most important assets which they have to keep. And, looking at Melania’s new breast size, it obviously reflects as the result of breast augmentation surgery.

Melania Trump Plastic Surgery: Nose Job

The other plastic surgery sign which can be seen from the comparison between before and after pictures is the shape of her nose. Many people see that Melania Trump nose now appears slimmer and straighter. It looks much different with the previous nose which looks a bit wide with little bump at the tip.

Melania Trump Plastic Surgery Nose Job

Melania Trump Plastic Surgery Nose Job

Looking at her new nose, some plastic surgeons predict that she might have been under knife for a nose job or rhinoplasty surgery. They reveal that though the changes are very soft, but they are still noticeable. They also predict that Melania Trump nose job is inspired by her stepdaughter, Ivanka Trump plastic surgery.

Melania Trump is not the only celebrities whose nose job. There are still many other public figures like singers and actresses also have this procedure. Let’s see the result of Paris Hilton nose job! She was also reported to have a rhinoplasty surgery to refine the shape of her nose. As a result, her new nose now looks much prettier than she used to be.

For more information about who are celebrities that have had nose job, you can check the previous post “Top 10 Celebrities with Nose Jobs” All of them have benefited from their cosmetic surgery, rhinoplasty surgery, because their appearance now look more beautiful than before.

Melania Trump Plastic Surgery: Botox or Filler Injection

Botox or Filler Injection seems to be the most common procedure of plastic surgery which is often taken by middle-aged celebrities. It is all because Botox can make face skin look smooth and able to eliminate the wrinkles so that the facial skin will always appear fresh and ageless.

Melania Trump Plastic Surgery Botox Injection

Melania Trump Plastic Surgery Botox Injection

This seems to inspire Melania Trump to try the beauty treatment. She probably has realized that her age is not young anymore and she realizes that she needs a beauty treatment to get rid of the aging signs which begin to be visible on her forehead.

Did Melania Trump admit all the allegations? Since this post has been published, there have not been any statements from the wife the wife of Donald Trump. She still keeps silent whenever some journalists of beauty magazines confirm about the rumors to her.

Nevertheless, some people consider that the signs of Melania Trump plastic surgery are very noticeable. Therefore, with or without her confession they strongly believe that she has had some cosmetic surgery procedures done.

Plastic surgery and models cannot be separated each other because almost models want to look more beautiful and sexier. Having an attractive appearance will be able to boost their confident. And, with plastic surgery they would not have to feel worry and ashamed anymore.

Conclusion, Melania Trump plastic surgery may still become a mystery. However, looking at the comparison between before and after pictures, it has been clear that her appearance has improved very well though her age is no longer young. It indicates that plastic surgery has helped her to gain the perfect look as what can be seen in her now.

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    It is true that 45 year old women will have saggy breasts, but not everyone. I don’t, and my mother had perky breast at this age too. Maybe not many women this age have firm breasts, but it happens. Specially when one was skinnier, and gained some weight, as we see also in the before and after photos of Melania Trump

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