Melissa Rivers Plastic Surgery Before And After

Melissa Rivers plastic surgery is now becoming trending topic in social media. She reportedly got plastic surgery following her mother, Joan Rivers plastic surgery. But unluckily, her surgical procedures are not all well done so that her appearance now looks a bit weird.

Melissa Rivers Plastic Surgery: Bad or Good

Born on 20th January, 1968 in Manhattan, Melisa is best known as an actress, television host and producer. Her name is lately being hot topic of discussion among celebrity watchers. Some people think that her appearance now looks a bit weird and unnatural. Therefore, they speculate if she has got bad plastic surgery like what her mother experienced before. Well, if she has really been under knife, the big question is what type of Melissa Rivers plastic surgery?

Melissa Rivers Plastic Surgery Before And After

Melissa Rivers Plastic Surgery Before And After

Judging by before and after photos, she seems to have some beauty enhancements on her face features like forehead, nose, and  lips. Many plastic surgeons predict that she may get facial filler injection like Botox around the forehead area. They notice that her face skin looks so smooth and tight as if it is hard to find wrinkles there.

The other plastic surgery procedure which Melissa had got is nose job. This allegation can be proved from the shape of her nose which looks thinner and more defined at the tip than before. It has to be noted that Melissa Rivers’ nose previously looks a bit wide with flat at the tip like piggy nose.

Melissa Rivers  Before And After Plastic Surgery

Melissa Rivers Before And After Plastic Surgery

Based on Melissa Rivers before and after photos comparison, she apparently does not only have Botox injection and a rhinoplasty surgery, but she seems to have lips filler injection as well. Look at her lips! they now look puffy, more filled and marked than before.

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Besides facial filler, nose job, and lips augmentation, she also reportedly got cheek augmentation. If we look carefully at the picture comparison above, it is obvious that her cheek now looks chubby and elevated than she used to.

Melissa Rivers’ eyebrow also looks a bit lifted and protruding. Some plastic surgery experts predict that she could have brow lift so that her eyebrow can look in such way.

Over all, Melissa Rivers plastic surgery reaps many disputes dealing with the result. Some people say that she looks weird after plastic surgery, but not a few of them claim that she is still natural and does not appear to go overboard with the surgery procedures.

What do you think about Melissa Rivers beauty surgery result? Is it bad or good? feel free to share your comments with us.

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