Michelle Phan Nose Job- Is Michelle Phan Nose Job Fact or Makeup?

For make-up lovers may have been familiar with Michelle Phan. She is an American make-up demonstrator who became notable as a YouTube personality since she often uploads video tutorial about makeup in Youtube.

Michelle Phan Nose Job Before and After Pictures

Michelle Phan Nose Job Before and After Pictures

However, her name lately becomes hot topic of discussion among her fans since there was speculation saying she had been under knife for a nose job. Since then, many beauty watchers compare her old nose with the new one. Surprisingly, the shape of Michelle Phan nose really looks different than before.

Did Michelle Phan Have Nose Job?

Judging from the comparison between Michelle Phan before and after nose job, her nose indeed looks different. It now appears more projected, thinner and sharper.

Nonetheless, I cannot define whether it is as the result of a rhinoplasty or not because she herself has never given any official statement about the rumors. Moreover, she is also best known with her makeup tricks, so everything can be possible for her.

Michelle Phan Nose Job Before and After

Michelle Phan Nose Job Before and After

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The rumors of Michelle Phan nose job may not be the only one in America. According to the statistical data of ASPS (American Society of Plastic Surgeons), rhinoplasty becomes one of plastic surgery procedures which is most often taken by patients, celebrities and civilians.

One of American celebrities who reportedly having benefited from nose job is Nicki Minaj. She is reported having a rhinoplasty surgery done well, so that her nose now looks smaller and prettier than she used to.

If the speculations of Michelle Phan nose job are true, she should thank to her surgeon who has made her nose look so beautiful and appear more appropriate to her face frame, not too big and too small.

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