Michelle Rodriguez Plastic Surgery Before and After

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Michelle Rodriguez Plastic Surgery recently reaps pros and cons. Some people say she is still natural and does not appear having some cosmetic surgery procedures done on her face. But, not a few of them claim if the actress looks unusual and unnatural for a 37-years old woman.

The rumor of Michelle Rodriguez plastic surgery was firstly spreading widely when a few people found her with flawless appearance in her old age. Looking at her perfect and unusual appearance, they directly wonder if the actress of Turbo film has possibly been under knife to help her in obtaining youthful appearance. Nobody knows the truth because she herself never gives any statement about the rumor.

Michelle Rodriguez Plastic Surgery Before and After

Michelle Rodriguez Plastic Surgery Before and After

Did Michelle Rodriguez Have Plastic Surgery?

Mayte Michelle Rodriguez who was born born on July 12, 1978 is better known as an American actress, screenwriter, and DJ. Her name began stealing public attention when she made breakout role in the independent film Girlfight as a troubled boxer. Even her successful debut acting reaps a lot of awards and of course the new film contracts. During her career in film industry, she has been staring many movies. The latest one is Furious 7 which is still in process of launching.

The more she often appears on the screen, the more people will pay attention every parts of her. It is not only dealing with her fashion, make up, and even her personal affairs.

Lately, there is a rumor saying if Michelle Rodriguez has been under knife. The rumor is based on how she looks now which is a bit different than she used to.

However, the truth of Michelle Rodriguez plastic surgery is still being debated among plastic surgeons. There are a lot of disputes whether she has really been under knife or not.

Michelle Rodriguez Nose Job Before and After

Michelle Rodriguez Nose Job Before and After

What do we think? judging by the comparison between Michelle Rodriguez before and after plastic surgery pictures, we notice that her appearance does look a bit different than previous years, before she got her fame.

Based on the pictures comparison above, we found that her nose has obviously changed. The shape of Michelle’s nose now looks a bit thinner than before. We predict that she might have got a rhinoplasty surgery or nose job to make her nose look in such way.

Let’s take a look the shape of her nose in previous years, it appears a bit wide with bulbous tip. Afterwards, let’s compare to the recent nose, it looks the nasal bridge has been narrowed, meanwhile the bump at the tip has been reduced.

The other Michelle Rodriguez plastic surgery procedure is the possibilities for her to get regular Botox injection. The allegation can be proved through her facial skin which still looks smooth with no plenty of wrinkles, whereas her age is almost 37 years old. Commonly, 37-year old woman will show some aging signs around their face as the natural process of aging. Therefore, it is almost impossible for her to have such stunning appearance if she does not have any plastic surgery procedures done on her face features.

Overall, Even though the actress has not given any statement about the rumor. But based on before and after pictures, we are sure if the hearsay of Michelle Rodriguez plastic surgery is almost true. What do you think?

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