Mickey Rourke Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong

Mickey Rourke Plastic Surgery is recently being the hottest topic of discussion among celebrity viewers and his fans. It is all dealing with how he looks after being reported to have some cosmetic surgery procedures done.

Some people are wondering why he is so brave to makeover his appearance through plastic surgery procedures, whereas he has been a good man without any surgery procedures.

Mickey Rourke Plastic Surgery Before and After
Mickey Rourke Plastic Surgery Before and After

Did Mickey Rourke Have Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong?

Philip Andre Rourke, Jr. is best known as a former of professional fighter who has spent rest of his life in entertainment industry as an actor. Like many other 50 years old actors in Hollywood, like Rupaul, who reportedly got plastic surgery procedures to maintain the youthful appearance. Instead of getting flawless appearance, Mickey Rourke even looks weird after being under knife.

Well, if he had really been under knife, what kinds of plastic surgery procedures that he had got so that his appearance is considered as like the victim of bad plastic surgery. Here are some possible answers why he can look so weird and even horrible now. Let’s check them out..!

Mickey Rourke Nose Job

Some sources claim that the actor of Java Heat film has got a rhinoplasty surgery twice. It is all because he has got broken nose shape during his professional career as a fighter. Instead of getting better nose shape, his plastic surgeons even made big mistakes on his face. His face features, nose, does not look better, but it even looks worse.

Mickey Rourke Facelift

Facelift seems to be the most preferred cosmetic surgery procedures by some celebrities in Hollywood when their age has crossed more than 40 years old. Mickey Rourke is also reported to have this surgery procedure to pull out his face skin so that it can always look tight.

Mickey Rourke Plastic Surgery Face

Mickey Rourke Plastic Surgery Face

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Unfortunately what he has done to his face seems to be a boomerang for himself. He does not look younger, but he even looks weird and even horrible after getting facelift surgery. The aging signs do disappear on his face, but many people consider that his face skin now looks frozen and too smooth. As if it is hard to see the sagging skin, stress lines, and other aging signs on his face.

Mickey Rourke Plastic Surgery: Eyelid Surgery

The other cosmetic surgery procedure that he might get is Blepharoplasty surgery. It can be seen from his eyes that look fresh and a bit wide opened. It is very contradiction to other 60 years old men’s eyes. His eyes do not have any sagging skin under and upper the eyes, but it still looks wide opened, sharper, and brighter than other men’s eyes in his age.

When he was confirmed and asked to make some statements, the actor has never given any statements. He still keeps silent with the spreading rumor. Nevertheless some people do believe if Mickey Rourke plastic surgery rumor is in fact true.

Over all, Even though the star of Sin City: A Dame to Kill For film has not given any statements regarding to the rumor. But judging by the comparison of Mickey Rourke plastic surgery pictures, some people do believe if Mickey Rourke plastic surgery gone wrong.

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