Mike Jeffries Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

The question about an American businessman, Mike Jeffries plastic surgery, has been widely spreading among plastic surgery viewers. Mike Jeffries who is best known as chief executive officer of Abercrombie & Fitch Co reportedly got plastic surgery gone wrong.

We can not deny that Mike becomes the most hated guy on the internet due his arrogance. Beside that his weird and abnormal looks lead the speculation that the man has put himself under the knife for some cosmetic surgery procedures.

As you can see today, Mike Jeffries looks so weird with unnatural and abnormal appearance. Nevertheless, Mike Jeffries remains silent about the rumor whether he has got plastic suregry or not.

Mike Jeffries Plastic Surgery Before and After

Mike Jeffries Plastic Surgery Before and After

Did Mike Jeffries Get Plastic Surgery?

For a rich man like Mike Jeffries, money is not everything he has to consider more. That is why there are a lot of reasons for him to get several procedures of plastic surgery. Though plastic surgery is expensive thing, but rich man with abundant money like Mike Jeffries has many chances to get surgical procedures done to enhance his appearance. Here are some possible surgery procedures that he might get.

Mike Jeffries Plastic Surgery: Facelift and Botox

His latest face appearance has clearly showed if he had been really under knife for Facelift and Botox. Both of surgical procedures have made his face looks so tight, smooth, and younger than other men in his age.

Mike Jeffries Before and After Plastic Surgery

Mike Jeffries Before and After Plastic Surgery

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Though his face looks so young, but some parts of his face features look melted, too tight, and toned so that his appearance looks unnatural even it looks a bit weird. We could not say if his facelift and Botox injection have been overdone.

Mike Jeffries Plastic Surgery: Browlift

Mike Jeffries eyebrow looks more lifted unnaturally. It is the exact evidence if he has had the browlift procedure done. His eyebrow looks so lifted and higher than before. The choice of eyebrow surgery might be taken to prevent the eyebrow from saggy and wrinkled.

Mike Jeffries Plastic Surgery: Nose job

He was also rumored to have got nose job. It can be seen from his latest nose appearance which looks more pinched than before especially at the tip area. It has to be noted that his nose previously appeared a bit wide and big, but it now has changed to much well defined.

Mike Jeffries Plastic Surgery: Lip Filler Injection

He also reportedly got the lip filler injection. This allegation is based on his lips appearance which appears more plumped and bigger. Consequently Mike’s lips now look juicy and plumped.

In short, Mike Jeffries may be very rich and has a lot of money to get some beauty enhancement through plastic surgery procedures. But it has to be remembered that money does not always guarantee best appearance. Mike Jeffries Plastic Surgery is one of the best examples for plastic surgery gone wrong.

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