Nadya Suleman Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

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Being a single parent makes some people think twice to spend their money, especially when they do not make a good income. They will think about their kids first and do not think about their appearance. So, when Nadya Suleman shows up with great body shape, some wonder if she has chosen to do plastic surgery over her children.

Nadya Suleman After Plastic Surgery

Nadya Suleman After Plastic Surgery

As we know, the 39 years old woman gives birth to octuplet, or eight children, in January 2009.  She adds the number of her six previous children, which make her have fourteen children in total. When she was pregnant with her eight children, her stomach stretched really big and it should not be back to its original shape quickly.

Many people believe she has done a tummy tuck. And since she became famous because of her phenomenal child birth, her facial appearances start to be enhanced too. People pointed that her face, lips and nose have been touched by the doctor’s knife.

Nadya Suleman Plastic Surgery Before and After

Nadya Suleman Plastic Surgery Before and After

It is normal for women if their stomach stretched during pregnancy, it develop stretch mark and scar. The only way to eliminate the scar quickly is only by a surgery. It can be combined with tummy tuck, a way to remove the sagging skin on the stomach. Looking at Nadya’s belly button and her scar-free stomach has made people believe that she has been gone through such surgeries.

Being a public attention maybe made Nadya realized that she has to take care of her facial appearance. Comparing her old photos during the pregnancies with the recent ones, we can see that her wide nose became narrower and pointier. It can be the effect of rhinoplasty surgery. Her lips also look full and fresh, might be the result of lips injection. She also does not look age or stressed, a facelift could help to maintain her fresh look.

All these surgeries allegations made people wonder if Nadya has neglected her children since she is unemployed and does not have a constant income. She denied it and said that it was her hard work in gym and doing some diets.

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