Naomi Campbell Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

It takes a lot of efforts to maintain facial appearance, especially when you work as a model. You will be demanded to keep your body and face in good condition in order to fulfill the requirement to look fit and fresh in front of camera. To do such a thing, many models will do plastic surgery to keep their best looks. It is also became a way to enhance their beauty and make them perfect, based on public trends and interest. Naomi Campbell is one of famous models in the world. As her bright career, she got many allegations of having various plastic surgeries to maintain her beauty, such as rhinoplasty, Botox injection, cheek implants, and liposuction.

Naomi Campbell Plastic Surgery Before and After

Naomi Campbell Plastic Surgery Before and After

Public and surgeons have their reasons behind their allegation toward the 44 years old model.  Looking at Campbell’s facial appearance recently compared with one back then, there are so many differences. Her nose seems to be more defined and looks like an implant has put in it. There is not any wrinkle on her face at her age, made public wonder if the model has taken Botox injection. Her cheeks seem to be fuller, it might be the effect of having filler injection. But unfortunately it looks like to be overdone because it looks chubby and weird. And the absent of any excessive skin and fat on her body trigger the allegation of having liposuction. The hair-loss she has ever experienced made public even sure as the proof of having to much weave.

Campbell has given her statement due to these allegations. She repeatedly stated that she is against plastic surgery and having a fear to do it. She said that she will never do any surgery unless she has an accident. All she has to do is by having a healthy lifestyle, avoid drinking alcohol, and exercising every day. Plus good genes from her grandmother help her to maintain her appearance easier and naturally. It might be true, and looking at her job as a model, many sources can help her to support her career, such as make up team, lighting team, and photo editor team.

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