Nicki Minaj Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Many people wonder when they see the latest appearance of Nicki Minaj. She has changed a lot.  Her appearance now looks like a Barbie. Looking at her appearance makes many people wonder if she has been under knife for some changes on her appearance. Even some people think that she intentionally changed her appearance like Barbie in order to be famous. Since she changed her appearance, many people more believe if she had got some cosmetic surgery procedures for her Barbie appearance. But she strongly denied the allegations. She told that her appearance was made by her professional makeup team.

Nicki Minaj Nose Job Before and After

Nicki Minaj Nose Job Before and After

Did Nicki Minaj Ever Gets Plastic Surgery?

Nicki Minaj may deny all plastic surgery rumors, But looking at her appearance that changed so drastically, it seems to be unreasonable if it was made by her makeup team. If she was really under knife, so what typical plastic surgery procedures did she get? Here are some possible surgical procedures which she might get. Let’s see..!!

Nicki Minaj Nose Job

Starship singer reportedly got rhinoplasty surgery in the last 2013. Let’s see Nicki Minaj before and after photos. Based on the pictures comparison, it is clearly visible how the comparison of Nicki Minaj’s nose. It has changed drastically. Her nose now looks smaller with more pointed at the tip than she used to. However she denied if her nose change was resulted from nose job.

Nicki Minaj Boob Job (Breast Implants or Breast Augmentation

Nicki Minaj Breast Implants Before and After

Nicki Minaj Breast Implants Before and After

Once again, Nicki Minaj is not only rumored to have got nose surgery, but she is also rumored to get other beauty enhancement through plastic surgery procedures. It is breast implant. Nicki Minaj’s breast size seems to increase so drastically. Looking at her new cup size, it seems that she got the implant well done, so that her breast size can look bigger than before. As the result, her appearance now looks sexier than before. With new breast appearance, Nicki Minaj looks less tomboyish and has been transformed to sexy mature woman.

Nicki Minaj plastic surgery: Butt implant

Nicki minaj Butt Implant

Nicki minaj Butt Implant

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Those who have watched her clip Anaconda must be believed that Nicki Minaj has butt augmentation too. Her butt look unnaturally big and round. It is clearly noticeable in her Anaconda clip.

In short, Nicki Minaj may deny all plastic surgery allegations, but looking at her appearance today and compared with her previous years appearance, it has been clear that she indeed has got plastic surgery procedures don on the parts of her body such as nose, breast, and butt.

Becoming a Star

Owing to the number of surgeries Nicki Minaj must have undergone, the costs must have been through the roof. Although other celebrities have spent as much as $4 million on their surgeries, Nicki Minaj must have spent a fortune on her looks. People like Jocelyn Wildstein have admitted to having used at least $4 million on their face alone. Although Minaj denies having had any reconstructive surgery, the world knows that she must have felt the dent in her bank account before achieving the look of the Barbie doll that she is.

The Trends in Hollywood

The entertainment industry has put a lot of pressure on the fashion standards in such a way that people think having the biggest butt or the most perfect features of the face makes them the most popular and even better stars. The surgeries performed on Nicki’s body are nothing new to come by. As a matter of fact, a large number of the celebrities in Hollywood have features which will make one wonder how perfect they are. The thing is that it is the work of plastic surgery.

The future

Plastic surgery is no longer a reserve for women who want bigger bottoms and busts or noses with better shapes. It began as surgery for correcting people who could have lost certain parts of their skin such as through an accident or fire. However, when people discovered that it could be used to change the way they look, the resorted to misusing it for many another purpose such as changing their look even without having has injuries. As the surgery becomes cheaper and safer, the number of those willing to improve their looks with the surgeon’s scalpel will only increase by the day.

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