Nicole Richie Nose Job Before and After

Have you seen Nicole Richie’s new appearance? Do you find something different with her appearance especially her face features, the shape of her nose? If you see something different with her nose, you are not dreaming.

Many people are surprised by Nicole Richie’s appearance especially with her new nose shape. Since then, they began speculate that the fashion designer has got plastic surgery procedure, nose job, so that her nose now looks prettier. Did she really have nose job? or it is just the effect of make up? Let’s see the following review then you can decide whether the rumor of Nicole Richie nose job is a fact or just a rumor.

Nicole Richie Nose Job Before and After Pictures

Nicole Richie Rhinoplasty Surgery

Nicole Richie Rhinoplasty Surgery

Judging by before and after photos, Nicole Richie nose indeed has changed. It looks narrower with more defined tip.

Looking at her nose transformation, some plastic surgeons believe that she has been under knife for a rhinoplasty surgery so that her nose can look prettier than before.

From the comparison between Nicole Richie before and after pictures, the surgeons showed that her wide nose had turned out to be smaller while the nasal tip looked smaller and was a little bit lowered by a plastic surgeon.

Nicole Richie Nose Job Before and After

Nicole Richie Nose Job Before and After

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Many fans claim that her new nose shape is more in line with the framework of her face. They also notice that her appearance over all looks more beautiful than she used to be. Does it mean that Nicole Richie’s fans agree that she had nose job. You can decide by yourself because until now there has been no official statement from her about the truth of these rumors.

Nose job or rhinoplasty surgery is not new anymore among Hollywood celebrities. Many of them reportedly getting plastic surgery procedure is to beautify the shape of their nose. We can see how the shape of Scarlett Johansson nose after getting plastic surgery. Her nose looks very beautiful and much more defined than before plastic surgery.

Another actress who has been rumored to have benefited greatly from this cosmetic surgery procedure is Zooey Deschanel. Her nose looks much more projected after getting a nose job.

Well, now it’s your turn to determine whether the shape of Nicole Richie nose looks like refined by plastic surgeon. Or is it just a trick of makeup!

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