Nicole Scherzinger Plastic Surgery Before and After

Nicole Scherzinger plastic surgery is recently being much discussed by the fans. It is all because of her appearance, before and after, which looks much different.

The rumor of plastic surgery began spreading since there were many pictures of Nicole Scherzinger before and after which were uploaded on internet. Since then, there are a lot of celebrity watchers began discussing about the possibilities for her to get beauty surgery to enhance her appearance, so that she can have a perfect appearance as we can see now.

Nicole Scherzinger Plastic Surgery Procedures

Nicole Scherzinger Plastic Surgery Before and After

Nicole Scherzinger Plastic Surgery Before and After

Born on 29th June 1978 Nicole Prescovia Elikolani looks perfect. But, who would have thought that her flawless appearance triggers a lot of speculation especially plastic surgery.  Since there are so many Nicole Scherzinger before and after photos on the internet, many people are now beginning to wonder that her appearance that looks perfect is not gained naturally but through plastic surgery.

Judging by before and after pictures, many plastic surgeons predict that the singer who was nominated in World Music Awards in 2014 has got some beauty surgeries including nose job, eyelid surgery, facial filler injection like Botox, Restylane and Juvederm. In order to make clear plastic surgeon’s allegation, let’s see the following review.

Nicole Scherzinger Nose Job

Nicole Scherzinger Nose Job Before and After

Nicole Scherzinger Nose Job Before and After

If we look at pictures which are compared between she was before being a star with the recent one after being a famous singer, the shape of her nose indeed has turned into thinner and much more defined than she used to. It indicates that Nicole Scherzinger nose job has worked well.

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Look at her photo before being superstar, the shape of  Nicole Scherzinger nose looks rather wide with a very rounded edge. Afterwards, let’s compare to the recent photos, her nose now looks slimmer with straighter at the tip.

Nicole Scherzinger Eyelid Surgery

Even though the truth of her blepharoplasty surgery is still debatable due to lack of evidence, but some plastic surgeons claim that her eyes now looks a bit wide opened than before.  Likewise with the rumor of her facial filler injection, Botox. Meanwhile, the use of injectable filler like Restylane and Juvederm can be seen on her cheeks which still looks full though she has started to age. And again, the truth of this rumor is still being debated among plastic surgeons.

Nicole Scherzinger Breast Implant

Nicole Scherzinger Breast Implant Before and After

Nicole Scherzinger Breast Implant Before and After

Many plastic surgeons believe that Nicole Scherzinger breast size is not natural, but it seems to be as the result of breast implant. Their allegation is based on her cup size which rides high on her chest. And it seems disproportionate to a thin woman like Nicole. In addition, they also notice that her breast size looks very round and it is set a little bit far apart on her chest, so that it shows the deep canyon between them.

When this plastic surgery allegation was confirmed to Pussycat Doll lead singer, she did not give any statement regarding the plastic surgery rumor, but she just stays a mum.

Over all, regardless of the truth whether Nicole Scherzinger has really got some cosmetic surgery procedures or not, many people admit that her appearance really looks perfect and sexy.

What do you think? Does she look like having plastic surgery? Or does she really age naturally without any cosmetic surgery procedures done? Do not ever hesitate to share your opinion with us.

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    She doesn’t look like she’s had a nose job.

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