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Meg Ryan Plastic Surgery

Lately, the social media is as though buzzing after many people saw Meg Ryan's new face at Tony Awards 2016. Through the social media Twitter, a lot of people expressed their wonder about what happened to the 54-year-old actress. There were some of viewers speculated that her new face was due to plastic surgery gone… Read More

Katie Price Plastic Surgery

Katie Price plastic surgery recently becomes trending topic in social media and several forums since she shared her cosmetic surgery details on Instagram. On Instagram, the mum of 5 children posted some photos during her visit to a Harley Street clinic. She told in details to the followers that she had just gotten great plastic… Read More

Celebrity Plastic Surgery Fact

Recently, many celebrity magazines write headlines about the increasing number of young people to go under knife in order to have taut teenage skin and perfect appearance like celebrities. Is that true that celebrity plastic surgery encourages young people to have plastic surgery procedures in order that they can look perfect like celebrities? Based on… Read More

Katrina Kaif Plastic Surgery

If you are fans of New York film, I am sure that you are familiar with one of the stars of the film. She is Katrina Kaif. She recently becomes trending topic in several forums and social media. She reportedly has had some procedures of plastic surgery after some people see that her appearance looks… Read More

Song Joong Ki Plastic Surgery

Many people seem to be unable to stop talking about Korean plastic surgery. Recently, they are talking about the possibility for Song Joong Ki to get plastic surgery. The rumors began spreading after there are several before and after photos uploaded on internet. Surprisingly, from the pictures comparison show some surprising facts about his appearance… Read More

Sylvester Stallone Plastic Surgery

Sylvester Stallone who was born in New York, USA, July 6, 1946 is best known as a successful veteran film actor. As a senior actor, he has been playing for many roles in various films. Since she gained success as an actor, he expanded his career as a filmmaker, screenwriter, film director and also occasional… Read More

Jennifer Grey Nose Job

Many media online assume that Jennifer Grey plastic surgery as a whole has a negative impact on her appearance and career.  The news even has become headline in one of the famous magazines in America.However, it should be noted that not all Jennifer’s cosmetic surgery procedures went bad. There is a plastic surgery procedure is… Read More

Michelle Phan Nose Job

For make-up lovers may have been familiar with Michelle Phan. She is an American make-up demonstrator who became notable as a YouTube personality since she often uploads video tutorial about makeup in Youtube.However, her name lately becomes hot topic of discussion among her fans since there was speculation saying she had been under knife for… Read More

Miley Cyrus Boob Job

The rumors of Miley Cyrus boob job have become hot news in recent years. People believe that she has had plastic surgery procedure done namely breast augmentation. Their allegations are based on the size of her boob which now looks a little bit bigger than she used to.Nonetheless, Miley Cyrus always denies the speculation whenever… Read More

Beverly D Angelo Plastic Surgery

Beverly D’Angelo lately becomes hot news in several celebrity magazines. It is not dealing with her career achievements, but a lot of people are now talking about the possibility for her to get plastic surgery because her appearance now looks unnatural and a little bit different than she used to.If you pay attention closely her… Read More