Pamela McCoy Plastic Surgery: Facts or Rumor?

Pamela McCoy is recently being hot topic of discussion among the fans and some celebrity watchers. She reportedly had some plastic surgery procedures so that her appearance still looks great for her age. Nevertheless, the truth of Pamela McCoy plastic surgery rumor is still debatable among plastic surgeons.

Did Pamela McCoy Really Get Plastic Surgery?

According to the spreading rumor, she reportedly got at least one surgical procedure namely Botox injection. Their allegation is based on before and after pictures in which she does not look change too much though her age is not young anymore. Her face skin still looks tight and smooth as if it is hard to see the wrinkles there.

Pamela McCoy Plastic Surgery Before and After

Pamela McCoy Plastic Surgery Before and After

However, to judge whether she has really been under knife or not, it is not only enough by looking at Pamela McCoy before and after pictures. There are many aspects that have to be seen in order to get enough evidence if someone has got plastic surgery or not.

Personally, I do not agree if she has got plastic surgery because I do not see enough evidence of plastic surgery on her face. I admit that she has wonderful appearance, but I do not think if it is resulted from surgical procedures. We predict that Pamela McCoy’s youthful appearance is because of her healthy lifestyle like having regular exercise and healthy diet.

In short, the rumor of Pamela McCoy plastic surgery may be true, but I personally think that her appearance is still natural without any cosmetic surgery procedure. My consideration is that there are not many evidences of plastic surgery on her face. What about you..?

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