Park Shin Hye Plastic Surgery Before and After Photo

South Korean is well known as the paradise of plastic surgery. The beauty surgery business grows really well along with the popularity of the film and music industry. It almost can be sure that every celebrity there has been experiencing with plastic surgery procedure. The most common procedures are double eyelid surgery.

The latest rumors say that a beuatiful Korean actress Park Shin Hye has undergone plastic surgery. She reportedly got blepharoplasty and nose job. Is that true?

Park Shin Hye Nose Job Before and After

Park Shin Hye Nose Job Before and After

Park Shin Hye started her acting career in 2003 as the young Han Jung-suh in “Stairway To Heaven”. She appeared randomly in various film and television until her first leading role in “You’re Beautiful” television drama in 2009. She also sang two original soundtrack of the drama there. Her other television drama as the leading role are “Heartstrings”, “Flower Boys Next Door”, “The Heirs”, and “Pinocchio”. She is also known for her love to share her wealthy with those who are needed by doing many charity and social act. She also established Shin Hye’s centre in Ghana which including Library and Audio Visual Hall.

Park Shin Hye Plastic Surgery Before and After

Park Shin Hye Plastic Surgery Before and After

Park Shin Hye is being suspected of Korean Eye Plastic Surgery because her eyes now look a bit wider than before. It is a bit uncommon thing because mostly the people in Asia are having squinty ones.

Some people also believed that the 24 years old actress has smaller and narrower nose than before. But the changing nose appearance is so subtle. Her nose is looking the same with the one when she was a kid. It is leading to uncertain statement whether she has done nose job or not.

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Did she admit all the allegations? When some of her fans ask for her beauty secret, Park Shin Hye said that she is only maintaining a healthy life style, including healthy eating. If only her newest character in her newest film, Pinnochio, also happened on her real life, we will know if the actress is lying or not. Because the character of Choi In-ha will be breaking into violent hiccups when she tells lies. So we can find the truth behind Park Shin Hye Plastic Surgery.

What do you think about Park Shin Hye plastic surgery rumors? Did she tell lie or she indeed has healthy lifestyle to kee her awesome appearance? Feel free to share your comments here!

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