Pete Burns Plastic Surgery Before and After

Pete Burns Plastic Surgery now becomes trending topic of discussion among his fans and some celebrity watchers in various forums. It is all because his appearance looks much different than he used. He now looks weird and even looks a bit horrible.

Pete Burns Plastic Surgery Before and After

Pete Burns Plastic Surgery Before and After

For those who look at his recent appearance begin to wonder if The Dead or Alive singer has got plastic surgery gone wrong. If he has so, the big question is what kind of Pete Burns plastic surgery procedures which almost ruined his appearance.

Pete Burns Plastic Surgery Documentary

Since he was reported to have bad plastic surgery, there are many Pete Burns before and after plastic surgery pictures were uploaded on internet. Some people even consider that his face now looks like a monster frightening children.

Nonetheless there are a lot of people are still wondering about his surgery procedures, therefore the rumor of Pete Burns plastic surgery always a live and becomes a hot topic of discussion. So, what cosmetic surgery procedures did he have?

Pete Burns Plastic Surgery Pictures

Pete Burns Plastic Surgery Pictures

Based on some sources, he had got too much lips enhancement, so that his lips looks over plumped as it was reported by DailyMail magazines. He has also reportedly sued the plastic surgeon, Dr. Maurizio Viel, who did his lip surgery excessively.

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Fortunately, Pete’s lawsuit was granted by the court and he received compensation indemnity, 450,000 Euros, from Dr. Maurizio Viel. However, he apparently will not stop getting plastic surgery to refine his botched face. As it was reported by UK’s Daily Mail below.

‘My face might fall off’: Pete Burns reveals he’ll keep having plastic surgery despite a string of botched operations”

Having botched appearance because of plastic surgery gone wrong seems to be nightmare for many celebrities in Hollywood, as well as Pete Burns. We believe that he does not dream to get bad plastic surgery as he experienced. But, it has to be noted that beauty enhancement surgeries can only give two possibilities, best and worse. Therefore, before deciding to get some surgery procedures, it is better for us to prepare well and consult to the experts and qualified plastic surgeon.

After having won his lawsuit, Pete Burns reportedly planed to get some additional cosmetic surgery procedures to refine his previous bad plastic surgery.

Based on some sources that we’ve read, he was reported to get mini facelift and eyes surgery. The singer himself confessed that he had got facelift and eyes surgery to fix his slanted eyes. As he told in exclusive press conference.

‘My most recent overhaul was about a month ago. I had a minor facelift and my eyes slanted.”

Plastic surgery is indeed celebrity cultural phenomena in Hollywood, even it has penetrated into Asian celebrities. There are many stories and lessons that we can get from celebrity plastic surgery. Some celebrities may get best result, but not a few of them look worse after getting some works done.

In short, today, we can learn a lot from the experience of Pete Burns plastic surgery. Though the former housemates of Celebrity Big Brother 2006 has got bad experience, but he never hides his botched plastic surgery. He even openly shared it to public. We hope that he can look better in the future and achieve his bright career back in the future.

Other Surgeries Burns Has Had

Besides the dermal fillers and the reconstructive surgery, Burns has also had facial piercings and nose jobs to match his nose with the rest of his face. His story will for long serve as a cautionary tale for those wishing to go under the knife for purposes of altering their faces beyond what they are. Like all celebrities who have undergone plastic surgery on their bodies to gain a better look, Burns is but a victim of stardom, and the pressure society places on those in high society to look perfect. It is sad that he already was perfect.

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