Plastic Surgery Procedures Covered By Insurance

Plastic surgery lately becomes incredibly new trend among women from all backgrounds, social standing, and still many others. However, to get this beauty surgery is not as easy as we back our hand. There are some preparations that need to be prepared before getting cosmetic procedures. One of them is the cost of plastic surgery.

Health Insurance for Plastic Surgery

Health Insurance for Plastic Surgery

It is not secret anymore that a plastic surgery cost is very expensive. It may not be a big deal for rich people, but the high cost of plastic surgery seems to be difficult for women, who earn only mediocre but desire to have plastic surgery procedures.

The plastic surgery becomes expensive because it is used to cover the surgeon’s fees, hospital or clinic, prescription drugs to eliminate the pain, anesthesiology, and of course the taxes. Therefore, the patients of cosmetic surgery usually use their personal savings, credit cards, and it is also possible to get loans to pay their surgical procedure.

Does Health Insurance Cover Plastic Surgery

There are many disputes about whether the health insurance can cover cosmetic procedures or not. This is caused by the reason of plastic surgery itself. Does anyone decide to take a procedure of beauty surgery due to medical reason? Or they attempt to get the cosmetic surgery to improve or to enhance their physical appearance. This is what makes health insurance companies confusion.

Plastic Surgery Procedures Covered By Insurance

Plastic Surgery Procedures Covered By Insurance

Since then, there was a policy from the companies that if plastic surgery is for a cosmetic purpose hence the health insurance cannot cover the procedures of plastic surgery. However, if the surgery is for medical reason, the insurance can cover all the cost of surgical procedures.

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Nonetheless, there are still many possibilities to pay your plastic surgery procedures such as using cash payment or taking out a loan. If you attempt to get plastic surgery loan, there are several companies that give the loans of for cosmetic surgery.

How to Get Plastic Surgery Covered By Insurance

As I mentioned above that plastic surgery is expensive, therefore you need some possibility of payment methods. One of them is by using insurance. Nevertheless, you have to remember that not all surgical procedures can be covered by health insurance.

In some cases, plastic surgeons is able to identify whether cosmetic surgery based on medical reasons, obligating your insurance to cover the surgery, and plastic surgery procedures which are intended to increase beauty in which your health insurance cannot cover them.

There is not quite enough information of the insurance companies where you can get the insurance to cover your plastic surgery. The only thing that you can do is that you have to have intensive communication with your surgeon. Once your doctor sees and evaluates all your surgical procedures, then he/she finally can determine whether the procedures of your plastic surgery can be covered by health insurance or not.

Nonetheless, there are several steps that must be followed in order to get plastic surgery insurance. Before applying for the insurance that covers plastic surgery, you have to have a written letter from your surgeon which tells all the description of medical problems, surgery procedure proposed, photographs, and then if it is applicable “the documentation of symptoms that related to the medical problems”.

Once more, not all of cosmetic surgery procedures can be covered by your health insurance. Therefore, you have to keep in touch with your plastic surgeon and your health insurance company. Ask whether your surgical procedures can be covered by insurance or not.

Plastic Surgery Procedures Covered By Insurance

The followings are plastic surgery procedures list that are covered by health insurance. Let’s check them out!

Nose Jobs

Rhinoplasty surgery can be covered by health insurance as long as it is based on medical reason like for patients with a deviated septum which can make the difficulty for them to breath. But, it should be supported with written letter from the surgeon.

However, if the nose job is based on the beauty enhancement, so your health insurance will not cover it.

Breast Reduction

Several insurance companies actually will cover this procedure, but it has to be noted that there are a lot of requirements to get insurance for the procedure. Nevertheless, your insurance will never cover this surgical procedure if it was due to cosmetic.

Eyelid Surgery

Blepharoplasty can be covered by the insurance as long as it is taken to remove the excessive skin around the eyes which disturbs your vision. The surgeon usually does some tests to determine whether the procedure is due to medical reason or not.

However, the insurance will never cover the procedure if it is because of beauty reason like to eliminate the excessive skin in order to look younger.

Weight-Loss Surgery

Many insurance companies will pay the procedure for morbidly obese patients who want to have to gastric bypass surgery. Nonetheless, there are several requirements before you get insurance for the surgical procedure. One of them is that you will be suggested to have diet first. If you are not ready, the surgeon will do a psych evaluation.

However, if the procedure is taken for beauty enhancements, the insurance is not applicable for the procedure.

Orthognathic Surgery (Invisalign)

According to some source, the insurance will only cover 50% of the cost of the procedure, so that you have to take out the rest fees from your own pocket.

Over all, there are a few gray areas dealing with the plastic surgery insurance. It is sometimes utilized by some people to get the personal benefits. However, I believe that you are not one of them. If you already have a document that could be accounted for from your surgeon, then it will be easier for you to get insurance for plastic surgery.

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