Richie Sambora Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Richie Sambora Plastic Surgery has adorned the cover of celebrity magazines in USA. He reportedly got some plastic surgery procedures to maintain his youthful and cool appearance.

However, there are many disputes dealing with the truth of his surgery rumor. Some people say that he still looks natural, but on the other hand a few people think that his appearance does look unusual for 55 years old man.

Richie Sambora Before and After Plastic Surgery

Richie Sambora Before and After Plastic Surgery

Did Richie Sambora Have Plastic Surgery?

Richard Stephen “Richie” Sambora who was born on July 11, 1959 is best known as lead guitarist of the rock band Bon Jovi. He is also well known as a producer, singer, and songwriter.

Being the parts of a legend rock band, Bon Jovi, makes his personal life inevitably become a public consumption and topic of discussion for music and celebrity watchers. It is not only for his lifestyle and private affairs, but even his appearance always becomes hot topic of discussion.

When he was young, some people might talk about his fashion. But, most of people are now talking about the possibilities for him to take some cosmetic surgery procedures. This allegation is based on there are plenty of Richie Sambora before and after plastic surgery pictures uploaded on internet.

There are many people think that the rumor Richie Sambora plastic surgery is in fact true, but they are still wondering about its procedures. Well, if you are still curious what kinds of cosmetic surgery procedures that he had got, keep on reading..!

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Judging by before and after photos, Richie does look so wonderful. His face does not show a lot of aging signs like wrinkles and other sagging skin, but it still looks smooth and flawless. We guess that he has possibly got some filler injection around his face skin. We also notice that his neck skin appears so tight as well. It may be caused by neck lift surgery. Well, in order to make the rumor clear, let’s see the following reviews one by one.

Richie Sambora Plastic Surgery: Botox Injection

Generally, 55 years old men will have some wrinkles and sagging skin around their face. But what we see on Sambora’s face skin, it still looks smooth and fresh. It does not show a lot of frown lines.

Richie Sambora Plastic Surgery Before and After

Richie Sambora Plastic Surgery Before and After

If you pay attention closely and carefully to his eyes and mouth area, he does not have many aging signs there. Such appearance is usually resulted from the use of filler injection like Botox or other injectable fillers. It is impossible for 55 years old men, as well as Richie Sambora, can look flawless if they do not have some cosmetic surgery procedures done.

Nevertheless it has to be noted that Richie Sambora plastic surgery face was apparently well done by his plastic surgeon because his appearance over all still looks good. It is almost different with what Wayne Newton experienced.

Richie Sambora Plastic Surgery: Neck Lift

Based on the comparison of before and after pictures, he also reportedly got other cosmetic surgery procedures namely neck lift. Even a few source claim that he has got Platysmaplasty surgery more than once. This allegation can be seen on the skin around his neck. It still looks tight and does not show a lot of excessive skins.

Commonly, 50 years old men will have some aging signs like saggy skin around their neck area. It is almost different with Richie’s neck skin. It still looks tight.

Neck lift surgery now becomes one of the most desirable plastic surgery procedure for most of 40 years old celebrities. It is all because it is not as complicated as other cosmetic surgery procedures.

How Does Richie Sambora Respond?

When he was interviewed and questioned by some celebrity magazine journalists, he strongly denied if he had been under knife for Botox injection moreover neck lift as it was reported by CNN magazine.

Even though he has strongly denied the rumor, but many people do believe if the rumor of Richie Sambora cosmetic surgery is a truly fact. Their beliefs are based on his appearance that looks unnatural, but made-up.

Over all, plastic surgery is truly Richie Sambora’s right, but some people judge what he said against the rumor indicates that he tried to hide plastic surgery facts. Nevertheless the comparison between and after photos tells different, they show that Richie Sambora plastic surgery is a fact.

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