Rita Wilson Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

The news of Rita Wilson Plastic Surgery lately becomes a hot topic of discussion among celebrity watchers in several forums and social media. She reportedly had to survive from breast cancer, so that it forces her to go under knife to remove one of her boobs.

This reminds us to the famous and beautiful actress, Angelina Jolie, who was also ever reported having breast cancer, so that she was suggested to get surgery and breast implant to bring back the original size of her boobs.

Rita Wilson Plastic Surgery Before and After Boob Job

Rita Wilson Plastic Surgery Before and After Boob Job

However, some people seem to predict that the procedures of Rita Wilson Plastic Surgery are not only dealing with breast implant, but they see that she has possibility to get other cosmetic surgery procedures done. Is that true?

Judging from the comparison between Rita Wilson before and after photos, they see that her face skin also appears to be projected by a plastic surgeon. Their allegation is based on her face skin which still looks tight and smooth, whereas her age is already 59 years old. Therefore, they believe that there is a big chance for her to get other plastic surgery procedures done on her face.

Rita Wilson Plastic Surgery Before and After

Rita Wilson Plastic Surgery Before and After

Based on her ageless appearance, they convince that Rita Wilson definitely gets at least facelift and Botox injection. Generally, a 59-year-old woman’s face will show some aging signs like wrinkles and saggy skin, but they are not visible on Rita Wilson’s face.

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Did Rita Wilson admit all the allegations of plastic surgery beyond her boob job?

Until now there has been no official statement from the former star of the film Now and Then. She was still silent even as though she never cared about the allegations.

Nonetheless, some celebrity watchers assume it is a common thing for celebrities especially actresses who are reported having plastic surgery do not admit their beauty surgery even though there are many visible signs of plastic surgery in their appearance including Rita Wilson’s look.

What do you think? Did the wife of Tom Hank seem to have plastic surgery-facelift and Botox- to maintain her youthful appearance? Feel free to share your reviews here!

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