Rob Lowe Plastic Surgery Before and After

Many people are lately talking about Rob Lowe plastic surgery since the film and television actor looks flawless though his age is no longer young. They predict that he could have some cosmetic surgery procedures done, so that his face skin looks a bit unnatural and frozen.

Rob Lowe Before and After Plastic Surgery

Rob Lowe Before and After Plastic Surgery


Did Rob Lowe Have Plastic Surgery?

Robert Hepler “Rob” Lowe who was born on March 17, 1964 began stealing public attention after having appearance in such films as The Outsiders, Oxford Blues, and many others.

During his career in filming industry, he of course has got plenty of awards such as Golden Raspberry Awards, Screen Actors Guild Awards, and many other nominations.

However, his name is now being talked by many celebrity watchers and some his fans. It is all not because of his new film and career achievements, but it is all because of the possibilities for him to get cosmetic surgery procedures.

Rob Lowe Plastic Surgery Before and After

Rob Lowe Plastic Surgery Before and After

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Based on the comparison between Rob Lowe plastic surgery before and after pictures, his facial expression appears a bit frozen. It is possibly affected by a facelift surgery combined with facial filler injection like Botox.

The actor of  Pocket Listing film is also rumored to have got eyelift surgery. This allegation can be seen through his remaining lines upper his eyes. Rob Lowe plastic surgery, eye lift, sign is not only on the remaining lines, but his eyes also still appear fresh and wide opened. Genereally, 49-year-old men will have sagging skin around their eyes, but it almost did not happen for Lowe’s eyes. Having tight, smooth, and wrinkle-free face skin makes him aging gracefully.

Rob Lowe Plastic Surgery Face

Rob Lowe Plastic Surgery Face

The procedures of Rob Lowe plastic surgery do not only range on his face skin and eyes, but some people notice that his chin has been enhanced as well. Let’s take a look at his chin, it shows much different than he used to. It is possibly improved via chin augmentation surgery.

What Does Rob Lowe Respond to Plastic Surgery Rumors?

Knowing that many people considered if his youthful appearance is due to plastic surgery, Rob Lowe only laughed. He ensures that his flawless appearance is all because he has been blessed with good genes.

“My family reunion is like the cast party of (HBO vampire TV show) True Blood. My great-great-grandfather looks exactly as he did (younger), except he’s wearing a three point hat and a monocle.”

When he is asked by some journalist asked about the secrets of his youthful appearance, he told that his flawless appearance was all because of his cool sons and healthy lifestyle.

“I’m outside surfing, diving, you name it. I’m very cool with my teenagers,”

Well, it has been clear if the hearsay of Rob Lowe plastic surgery is all not true. What people alleged to him seems to be like a figment. He has clearly stated that he was free from any plastic surgery procedures. He also told frankly that his youthful appearance was because of a healthy diet, regular works out, having a good moisturizer, and of course blessed with good genes.

In short, Regardless to whether Rob Lowe plastic surgery rumor is true or not, his appearance obviously looks really awesome.

What do you think about it? Did Rob Lowe’s statement tell the truth? or on the contrary he has really got some cosmetic surgery procedures done for his flawless appearance.

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