Robert Downey Jr Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Robert Downey Jr Plastic Surgery is lately being the hottest topic of discussion among his fans and celebrity plastic surgery viewers. He reportedly got some works done for his youthful and cool appearance in his 50 years old age.

Robert Downey Jr cosmetic surgery rumor was firstly spreading out widely since there are many before and after pictures were uploaded on internet. Previously, no one believed if he had got some works done, but after seeing before and after pictures, some people began to believe the news.

Robert Downey Jr Plastic Surgery Pictures

Robert Downey Jr Plastic Surgery Pictures

Did Robert Downey Jr Have Plastic Surgery?

Robert Downey Jr who almost lost his brilliant career due to narcotics and alcohol addiction, returns to the camera by appearing in TV series Ally McBeal. Though his career is up and down during fighting against his addiction, he then starred many box office movies like The Singing Detective, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, A Scanner Darkly, Gothika, Zodiac and the latest one is Iron Man.

Since he has been appearing in Iron Man movie, some people notice that there is something strange on his appearance. Robert’s appearance still looks younger, fresher, and flawless than other men in his age. For those who look the unusual appearance directly predict if the actor possibly got plastic surgery. Well, if he has really been under knife, what kind of surgical procedures that he might get.

Robert Downey Jr Plastic Surgery: Botox Injection

The first plastic surgery procedure allegation is focused on his face skin which looks so smooth and toned. Such face skin is usually obtained through plastic surgery procedure namely Botox injection. Does it mean that Robert Downey Jr has got filler injection on his face? it can be true because his face does not show many agings signs, but it still looks flawless.

Robert Downey Jr Plastic Surgery Before and After

Robert Downey Jr Plastic Surgery Before and After

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The use of Botox injection on the face can make its skin look elastic and fresh. It also plays important role to bring back his fresh and youthful appearance from sluggish face because of alcohol and drug addiction. Overall, the Botox has worked well on him. He still looks natural although his forehead still looks a bit frozen and lifted.

Robert Downey Jr Plastic Surgery: Cheek Augmentation

The actor may also got his cheek augmented to complete his previous plastic surgery procedures in order to make his cheek look full and high. Generally, 50 years old men’s cheek will look saggy if they do not have some works done on their cheek. Looking at Downey Jr cheek, it is very obvious if his cheek is the product of cosmetic surgery procedure.

In conclusion, The star of The Judge film may still hide his youthful appearance secret. However, before and after photos revealed that Robert Downey Jr Plastic Surgery rumor is truly fact. He got a lot of benefits from his cosmetic surgery procedures.

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    Well it is Hollywood!!!!!.Looking younger is so au fait……Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?????.Bathroom fittings, that is mirrors and lighting must be an actors best friend in Malibu, …with a speed dial to the plastic surgeon of course!!!!!!, especially pre Oscars.

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