Rose McGowan Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

There are some reasons for someone to lie under the doctor’s knife. Usually they do it to enhance the beauty that they already had, to correct disorder on the parts of their body, and then to treat disease for a comfortably living. Other reason is to hide a scar or birthmark.

Rose McGowan Plastic Surgery Before and After

Rose McGowan Plastic Surgery Before and After

31 years old actress, Rose McGowan, has admitted that she has the latest reason to do some work done. Having a near death accident has wounded the area under her eye, leaving a scar that disrupts her beauty. But after the correction, people find a lot difference on her appearance, such as lips, nose, face, and breasts.

Did Rose McGowan Have Plastic Surgery?

In order to know whether she has been under knife or not, we can compare her old photo with the current one and look for proofs if she has gone under the knife or the rumor is just hoax. Beside the area under her eye, the owner of complete name Rose Arianna McGowan is believed to have a lip injection. Maybe the lips also get the effect of the fatal accident, so it is needed to be fixed. It doesn’t look like the same as before but rather fuller and give a strange look.

Her face is also changed, the cheek became much fuller and give a rounder looks on her face. Many believed that it is the result of facelift combined with Botox injection. Common nose job could be done by the main role of Chosen TV series. Her nose became smaller, thinner, narrowed and more refined.

Rose McGowan Breast Implants Before and After

Rose McGowan Breast Implants Before and After

Her new cup size also becomes hot topic of public discussion since it has seen to be fuller and bigger. At her age, can it be accepted that the breasts are still growing naturally? People only believed that to get such breast size is only able to be obtained through breast implants (boob job or breast augmentation). Moreover, the actress did not experience any pregnancy after her accident.

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Since the actress has not given any specific statement about the speculation of plastic surgery, it became public controversial if she really had some works done. Some people can not accept easily of what surgeons says about her current appearance because they are not her surgeon. Comparing her old photo with the recent one can not be used as reliable source, because a photo can be easily manipulated nowadays.

From all those accusation, the artist only thinks that she should need to do some works in order to improve her appearance after the accident. She only wants to be as beautiful as before. But that is not quite proper reason since many people think that she has some works over done on the parts of her body.

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