Scott Thorson Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Beside his controversial love story and private life, many people keep asking about the possibilities for him to get plastic surgery. 55 years old man appearance has changed a lot.  His name became famous since he was in touch with the late American pianist and entertainer Władziu Valentino Liberace. Both are in a relationship, but there was a rumor if he was dumped by Liberace like a trash.

In addition, the changing of his appearance triggers speculation that he had been under plastic surgeon’s knife. This is reasonable because his appearance now looks unrecognizable. Even some sources claimed that he has done several plastic surgery procedures during his career in entertainment industry. Even so, he did not likely hesitate to admit that he had got some cosmetic surgery procedures done on his face. Unfortunately, he did not specify what type of surgical procedures that he has been lived. Therefore Scott Thorson Plastic Surgery rumor has been always floating.

Scott Thorson Plastic Surgery Before and After

Scott Thorson Plastic Surgery Before and After

Did Scott Thorson Have Plastic Surgery Procedures?

Yes it’s true that Scott Thorson has been under knife for some changes on his appearance. Even though there has not been clear explanation dealing with Scott Thorson Plastic Surgery procedures. However, based on before and after pictures comparison, it has clearly showed if the 55 years old man has indeed got plastic surgery done. The changing structure of his face has become enough evidence. Here are the possible cosmetic surgery procedures that he has got.

Scott Thorson Plastic Surgery: Nose job

The changes on Thorson’s nose shape reinforce speculation if he had plastic surgery. Originally Thorson’s nose looks wider and bigger. However, since he had special relationship with Liberace, his nose seemed to change. His nostril looks narrower and smaller with more pointed shape than he used to. Overall, there are significant changes in Thorson’s nose. His nose appears more pinched and pointed with rounder nasal tip. Even though plastic surgery was really expensive at that time, but it did not obstruct him to go plastic surgeon clinic.

Scott Thorson Plastic Surgery: Botox Injection

The changing appearance in Scott Thorson may also be the result of Botox injection. His face that looks plumped, it now appears younger, tighter, and fresher than other men’s face in his age. Looking at his current face skin, many people do believe that his youthful face appearance was the result of filler injection. Actually, it is not surprising anymore if he has been under knife because his ex-girlfriend, Liberace, also has reportedly got cosmetic surgery procedures like facelift and Botox.

Thorson may have parted from Liberace, but the bitter story about Scott Thorson plastic surgery still lingers and he wrote everything in best seller book Behind the Candelabra: My Life with Liberace.

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