Selena Gomez Nose Job Before and After

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Everyone agrees that Selena Gomez is a cute, attractive and beautiful woman. Every part of her appearance attracts many people. However, some people now began to doubt her natural beauty. They see that there are several beauty enhancements in her appearance which look unnatural. One of them is her nose. They see that Selena’s nose now appears much different than she used to. Therefore, they predict that she could have a nose job done.

Did Selena Gomez Have Nose Job?

The rumors of Selena Gomez nose job began spreading after some people saw her with little different appearance in certain event. Since then, they begin to speculate if the beautiful actress and model has had plastic surgery.

Selena Gomez Nose Job Before and After

Selena Gomez Nose Job Before and After

Judging from the comparison between Selena Gomez before and after pictures, it is very clear that her nose now looks more projected and much better defined than before. It may be as the result of nose job or rhinoplasty surgery.

Let’s take a look at her nasal bridge in “after” picture! It now appears smaller than before while a bump at the tip has been removed as well. Selena Gomez new nose really looks contrast to the previous nose. See her nose in “before” photo above! She appears with bulbous nose with wide tip.

Did Selena Gomez Admit Having a Nose Job?

Selena Gomez Nose Job Before and After Photos

Selena Gomez Nose Job Before and After Photos

Selena Gomez had never given any official statement whether she has been getting plastic surgery procedure, nose job, or not. However, some people see that the beauty enhancement is not just around her nose, but they see her breasts also has changed shape. It may be as the indication of breast implants or boob job.

Some of us may have often heard that nose job and breast implants are two of cosmetic surgery procedures which are often taken by celebrities in U.S. Some did these procedures because of medical reasons, but not a few of them reportedly had these surgical procedures are due to cosmetic.

Dealing with the speculations of Selena Gomez nose job, many people agree that she took this procedure to improve her image, not for medical reason. Luckily, the procedure was done well so that her new nose appears much prettier. With new appearance, she now looks much more beautiful and mature.

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