Sharon Stone Plastic Surgery Before and After

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The rumor of Sharon Stone Plastic Surgery has been spreading for long time. Nevertheless, there are still many people are still interested in talking about her surgery because the actress herself has never admitted whether she was under knife or not.

If we look at the comparison Sharon Stone plastic surgery before and after pictures, there are indeed some unusual enhancements in her appearance. In her 52-year-old age she can still look gorgeous with perfect breast size and sexy lips.

Sharon Stone Plastic Surgery Breast Augmentation

Sharon Stone Plastic Surgery Breast Augmentation

Many people speculate that she has gotten breast augmentation (boob job or breast implants), so that Sharon Stone breast size can still look tight and full though her age is not young any more. On the other hand, they also believe that she might also have lips filler injection to make the lips look fuller and juicy.

The other sign of Sharon Stone Plastic Surgery can be seen from her smile which shows up the beautiful teeth. It can indicate that she can also have other beauty surgery, beyond lips filler and breast augmentation, like dental veneers to make her smile sparkling.

Sharon Stone Plastic Surgery Before and After

Sharon Stone Plastic Surgery Before and After

What is the respond of plastic surgeons toward the rumor of Sharon Stone Plastic Surgery? According to Dr. Anthony Youn, the 52-year-old lady definitely has had plastic surgery procedures done on her lips, breast, and teeth. The surgeon revealed that many celebrities, who reportedly got some cosmetic surgery procedures done, always denied all the surgical procedures. So, it was not wonder if Sharon Stone never admitted if she had been under knife.

Looking at the comparison between Sharon Stone before and after pictures, Dr. Youn believed that the actress had gotten lips filler injection, breast augmentation, and dental veneers.

In addition, Miami plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Salzhauer and Dr. Paul A. Nassif, a Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon and Rhinoplasty Specialist in Beverly Hills, California, reveal that Sharon seems to maintain the beautiful look with Botox injection and chemical peels. The surgeons show that her face is still free from aging signs like wrinkles or sagging skin around her face.

Plastic surgery is only a shortcut. If the surgical procedures are not done by a professional and certified plastic surgeon, the result will be worse or even horrible as it was experienced by Demi Moore and Tina Louise.

What do you think about Sharon Stone Plastic Surgery? Is it a fact or just a rumor? Feel free to share your reviews!

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